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Laughter is Key

12-year old boy dies at 80 --
Good night PAUL MOONEY

PAUL MOONEY was born on August 4th, the same day as President Obama and even though he was born several years before the former president, somehow he looks younger. Blame it on his good genes, his LEO sun sign, or his jokes, but it's true.  Paul crossed over May 21, 2021, looking 12. Remember when he said...

To LAUGH is the goal 
Do it with DEON COLE

Comedy Central put this compilation together and it works! Though I must admit, beyond ABC's popular BLACKISH series, I have found hard laughter in DEON'S COLE Netflix Stand-UP, titled COLE HEARTED. It is a complete common sense and laughter revival. Get into it!

17-minutes of LAUGHING @ You --
is a must

Dark Humor is a Docu-Series on COMEDY CENTRAL detailing the influences, experiences, and perspectives of Black comedians as they discuss headline topics like politics, music, living while Black, PC culture, and YOU.

#StandUp #DarkHumor 

Shirlene ain't having it!

This week on The Christi Show, Shirleen won't let Gernessa take her back to her "head snatching days." Ruby caught up with Shirleen in the church parking lot to get "the skinny," on her bonnet protest.


Do you ROKU? If you do, then you have access to an awesome library of comedy series shorts; each episode is 8 minutes (+/-) and is produced by a myriad of popular artists that you already know and love. The concept is fresh and the content is live, most importantly, it's funny!


Don't laugh to keep from crying, instead consider "crying when you laugh." Tiff & friends were so successful, Netflix has given her the green light for another season.

Do yourself a favor and tune in to see YOU

then go on and LAUGH HARD like you used to.