The ART of Multi Media: AUDIO/VISUAL

Erykah "FatBellyBella" Badu is a multifaceted multimedia producer. Her music continues to raise generations of women in search of liberation. "LIBERATION" is the name of the headline live production and soundtrack feature in the 2021 film MALCOLM & MARIE starring John David Washington and Zendaya. Her greatest legacy productions are Seven, Puma, and Mars; her children, all of whom were birthed at home.

Badu's Filmography per dates back to 1996 including NEW YORK UNDERCOVER cameo and a recurrence role on ONCE LIFE TO LIVE in 1997. Don't ever count out those talented folk who are born in Texas; their dreams are big and their conquers are bigger. Having said as much may prove me to be both biased, and factual. 


FatBellyBella remains in the studio birthing wisdom coated in ancestral yolk. 

To Keep up with Madullua Oblongata's multimedia moves visit her digital storefront BADU TV.


Drop-in on a friend and get lifted.

Melodic Relation


Instrumental by Homage

Music speaks what cannot be expressed,
soothes the mind, and gives it rest.
It heals the heart and makes it whole.
Music flows from heaven to the soul.

Most gifted craft practitioners seem not to look far to be inspired.

Jam the videos below as each craftsman expresses his fire:

Networking Works.



Networking Works.