The ART of Multi Media: AUDIO/VISUAL

The Isley Brothers are an entertainment multimedia producing powerhouse and have been for more than half a century. Still, their lyrics, vocals, music, and style remain unparalleled, effective & timeless.  

The Isley Brothers vibe is often enjoyed in a track-rotation with Zapp & Roger, Al Green, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

CAUTIONPlease do not attempt the aforementioned rotation in the company of anyone that you do not want to mate with - because you just may end up doing something unplanned...

The Isley Brothers make "love making music." 

Make their music your personal theme music


Love will always be in style.

So, who is it that you're jamming, child?

Melodic Relation


Instrumental by Homage

Music speaks what cannot be expressed,
soothes the mind, and gives it rest.
It heals the heart and makes it whole.
Music flows from heaven to the soul.

Most gifted craft practitioners seem not to look far to be inspired.

Jam the videos below as each craftsman expresses his fire: