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12 years from 2008

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The last time a Democratic Senator ran for President, she was beat out by Senator Barack Obama who won the Democratic nomination and chose Joe Biden to be his Vice President. America experienced some pretty prosperous times and eight years went quickly. The year 2016 brought in a new guy. Then yesterday happened -- former VP and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden has chose Senator Kamala Harris to be his 2020 running mate and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I am not a sorority girl, had I been yesterday, I'd have surely let out a "skee wee" or two. I remember my first round of college, I chose an HBCU - Paul Quinn to be exact and GREEK SHOWS were all the rage. My sister is 3-years my senior and attended the same college; she pledged Delta Sigma Theta, their femme campus rivals were the AKA's. Senator Kamala Harris is an AKA. The Greek shows were basically step shows, long before Hollywood starting homogenizing the skill with casts of (like) high school kids 'stomping the yards' and such.

A good film representation of an mock Greek show can be seen in Spike Lee's SCHOOL DAZE:

Remember that? I hope that you do, because Greek shows are not what they used to be. I researched several key words and phrases in search of a video to showcase a few AKA's stepping on cue, in cut-fashion -- and there was none. However, I did find several Greek show clips of AKA's performing unified and un-unified dance routines. Much like cheer dance. Remember School Daze? Senator Harris, the 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate likely remembers her AKA Sorority days like Spike Lee portrayed them in the film. No shade on to todays Greek show choreography - I just miss yesterday.

I've been saying that a lot over the last few years: "I just miss yesterday." Politics is not meant to be entertaining, but humans are and they run for office all of the time. Our current political situation isn't entertaining, by and large, but that doesn't mean that some one isn't entertained.

Yesterday felt reminiscent of 2008; it had a "new again" feel. Alas, our country is entertaining the idea of "a man/woman ticket governing the White House. "Ollie, Ollie Umphrey!" It's time for every woman who has ever worked as hard (if not harder) than her male counterpart and had not been acknowledge as prosperously -- to come out of hiding and support this ticket.

12 years ago Hillary Clinton tested the waters to see if women were ready to go forward and conquer the White House. And while popular vote chose Mrs. Clinton to be the winner in 2016, the electoral collage chose our current president. This election must find us all collectively feeling like President George W. Bush, when he said, "Fool me twice... you not 'gone fool me again."

Remember that? I hope so, because this is the last time that I'm going to ask you to look back. Tomorrow holds so much promise. Are you ready to make some new memories that include getting COVID19 under control with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm?

It feels good to step in a new direction -- even if Greek shows have evolved into cheer dancing. Somehow the change-up is timely and appropriate as we could use their efforts today, to cheer on:


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