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2-minutes on 60 MINUTES

Sunday's broadcast of 60 MINUTES [Season 53 Ep.31] conveyed its usual relevancy to all things "broadly us" in a microcosm shell. The astute team that divvies the gleam that is reflectively us at our seams is an inspiring writer's dream. Not my own dream, per se, but I too appreciate their journalistic sway. So, let's start with what was broadcast yesterday.

Sharyn Alfonsi started us out with investigation updates on what happened 2-days before January 8th; the Capitol Riots. Her report has the ingredients of a movie already in production. Drop-in on 60 MINUTES' digital presence to experience this topic's necessary suction. Investigations help our union maintain its civil function.

"Imagine a fully loaded jumbo jet with 320 passengers and crew taking off and crashing today. Every day next week, and every day next month, and every day for the rest of the year. That's exactly what's occurring when we say there are racial disparities in Health in the United States. Over 200 Black people die prematurely every day."

Bill Whitaker began his story with a quote from Dr. David Williams, Professor of Public Health at Harvard on the topic of health disparities in the inner city in the Black and Brown communities. The investment that Katie Delp and other investors founded Carver Market in 2015 in Michelle Thomas' neighborhood not only changed her life but also changed her economical reach. She met Carver Market as an appreciated community shopper and out of her belief in their mission to help her community, she was soon an employee. Today Thomas is the Carver Market's Assistant General Manager.

Still, disparities in many other ways are chipping away at low-income citizens and lead to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental health issues. A better diet is a great start, still, we as a country have a long way to go. Dr. Williams said, "If we can improve the live-in conditions of individuals we actually can improve their health." Radical thinking, but he has a scientific study to back it up. Drop-in on 60 MINUTES to reap the full benefits of this story, it includes murals, marches, and unity in a South Atlanta community.

Did you know that Viola Davis is the youngest Black actress to earn an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony? She's an exceptional craftsman who's not ever called phony. John Wertheim reports on her portrayal of MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM and it is again evident how she became the first recipient of the big 3 in our Black American community.

60 MINUTES pushes investigative limits. Their reporting either hypes up a story or dims it. Every story broadcast on yesterday was true to the publisher's literary sway. It was selective and seductive and we loved it. Waste-not one more minute on repetitive opinion news without considering CBS's 60 MINUTES of exceptional journalistic views.

THURSDAY, 4.19.2021 is our calendar EARTH DAY.

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