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Wine, Wings, and Scripts. Oh my!

Let's stay in with friends instead...

Last night, last night was about scripted writes. We gathered before the sky took moonlight.

We sipped and drank, and shots were called. Literally celebrating the leave of ol’ Fall.

We did so with open hearts and minds we mingled over the new scripted finds.

Then we read… with the drink about our heads.

The minds of the future are todays think-tank gold.

Sober? We were and all feeling well.

T’is was the perfect setting for a SCRIPT READING spell.

Party attendance.

The readers in tow represented Millennials and Generation Z. Then there were the older kids; kids who graduated with me.

Okay, to be honest when I’ve the opportunity to hang w/younger folk, I’m pretty glad. It’s good to feel youth extended — and not play the role of ‘the mom or dad.’ Yes! A good time was definitely had.

We read 2 short films – all original content. We did so expeditiously; only 90-minutes were spent

breathing life into the formatted short scripts. The guest comments are vital; I put them on my hip.

Something like a gun holster would adequately hold. The minds of the future are todays think-tank gold.

The MOST VALUABLE PRODUCER flew in from LA to host in the space and take her aristocratic place

as “The Hostess with The Mostest;” deep charm was on display. The Producer is TWERKITA – from Dallas, Phoenix, and LA.

The script reading party that went forth last night, was full of high spirits, wet-spirits, all-smiles and no fight.

The party wrapped before 10 but we still had a little gin and wine left over to sip. We partied until Uber came, we grabbed our things and we dipped.

A night downtown was owned by a party of social-minded script readers whose opinions weigh heavy with me. I’m the receptive writer who's eager.

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