A Good Friend Would Tell You

A good friend would tell you to take care of yourself and to strive for good health.

A good friend would also remark

that you should adopt a better diet for the good of your heart.

A good friend builds you up and calls you strong.

A good friend will also cite you when you are wrong.

It is so very true

and what a good friend would surely do.

I like to think of myself as a good friend.

I'm in it for the long run and until the end.

Speaking of "the end," the Book of Revelations is a reality tale.

A good friend would tell you there is "A Place Called Hell:"

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A good friend sent me this video and I considered the day to be a high day.

the calendar said it was Monday, but this video screamed , "Good Friday."

A good friend would tell you that 'all good things on Earth's scene will come to an end,'

I'm Qui

Happy Good Friday to thee, let the video deliver WE, and call Jesus a Good Friend.