A New Tale for the XFL

Ballers are ballers - on and off the field, though The Rocks latest move is absolutely "the real deal."

Go, The Rock (and partners)! Go! Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson deserves to be part-owner of a winning team, sure, but an entire league? The latter is reality. Co-owning a league is above and beyond most people's wildest & most winning dreams. Owning an NFL franchise was the sole epitome of desire as it pertains to Spenser Strasmore, the protagonist in Ballers; a series that ran for 5 seasons, cranked out a combined total of 47 episodes, cameoed countless real-life stars and made some pretty positive and ballsy operational suggestions directly towards the NFL. These are impressive series statistics -- by any rating, and Neilson co-signs.

Just as Ballers fans were calibrating their view to not include Dewayne Johnson weekly with a football in his scripted hand, the game got real. Yesterday, MarketWatch.com broke news citing that "Johnson and investment firm RedBird Capital bought the defunct football league for $15 million, hours before it was set to be auctioned," and I almost passed out. All that we've been missing is sports and leave it to the JUMANJI star to conquer a league and produce some real life Ballers while increasing the chance of his fans to see him in a new and parallel-dimensional role; co-owner of the XFL.

What is the XFL? The XFL is an eight-team league playing out a 10-week regular season followed by play-offs and a championship. It was created by WWE's Vince Mahon and sold to Red Bird Capital. There's no word or suspicions that Mr. Mahon will have any further involvement in the league from here on out. Which is good news for sports fans who are looking to support another avenue for football without the political tout.

It is true that one of the co-owners of the league is The Rocks ex-wife Dany Garcia and all we have to say about that is good business acumen should always exceed intimacy. Period, full stop and let's play ball. Or is the call to action word, "hike-hike" again? Of course it is.

Congratulations to The Rock, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital. Fans are standing in ovation behind the concept of the XFL because Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson could be a defibrillator to a sport that needs more love, fans, and player support.

Will The Rock meet this challenge with as much fervor and determination that he has met wrestling and acting with? I'm betting that he will be game and will deliver a touchdown on this tale. What do you think? Hut-hut!