Ambitious Driver

Who isn't ambitious on this journey that we all call life? If you know of a person who is standing around looking for inspiration, please give them my contact information, I want to talk film crew aspirations with them. Qui Films is gearing up to make reel dailies and we need your innate physical energy.

Are you a driver of good energy? Well, first you have to be able to recognize the good of energy within yourself and hone it before you can effectively drive it. Good energy-honers are called "influencers." Is that you? If so, I've got a project that I'd like you to look at and to consider joining at the helm.

So which vehicle am I driving? I am definitely the big-gig type and I'm certainly into conserving good energy -- that's why I drive a:

The great gas mileage that a hybrid can yield is insane, much like the type of renewable energy that I yield to all projects. My film capacity is heavy in the science of composition at all key phases of production including Write/Direct/DP.

Success requires some serious horsepower. Welcome to the MultiMedia Hitchin Post, please park your horse (talent) here, and let's collaborate. I know of a route to a reel spring of Film Science and I want to see what it can do.

I've got several film scripts, cameras, light sets, editing software, and excellent craft services. Without you, I'm virtually parked parallel. However, I am putting the key into the ignition now, and about to put this baby into DRIVE. Are you down to ride? Are you an AMBITIOUS DRIVER? I've absolutely got room for you-and-your-horsepower. Drop me a line and let's start a productive grapevine: