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ANEW | As in A NEW Day

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

We know we've got a long row to hoe

with President-Elect Joe.

But we are connected and

the UNITY of America is what got him elected.

We are happy. We are happy. We are happy indeed.

The nation is on a high and we aren't smoking weed,

although it was on the ballot for several states and passed in a few.

This happiness that we are basking in - right now, is because of you two:

 Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Congratulations to the voting citizens. THANK YOU for coming through.

Congratulations America; you are a fairer 'her and the world still loves you.

I love you! The future loves you, and if you didn't vote for the Biden Harris ticket,

that's okay, they love you anyway. You're an American! Our love is the thickest.

Good Love.

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