...and it pays off. The scales are attractive that balance this hard-working Libra. When was the last time that you did not see Anthony Mackey in a production? He's been present and on-cue since 2002. He is irrefutably a mad talented dude. From 8 MILE to SHE HATE ME to SYNCHRONIC and ALTERED CARBON to OUTSIDE THE WIRE this guy remains reel-elevated, forward-thinking, and on fire.

Since being cast in his first uncredited role in AS IF (2002) he has not had one year off. 8 MILE is the second film that he was cast in, also in 2002 and he has several productions pending this year and two that have already been released: OUTSIDE THE WIRE is a film co-starring British born actor Damson Idris, whose also the star of the series SNOWFALL; in its fifth season. Mackey is also the star of a six-episode miniseries that debuted in March on DISNEY PLUS titled THE FALCON and The WINTER SOLDIER co-starring Sebastian Stan.

Disney Plus is killing the box office booming game, however, for those of us who have yet to subscribe we can catch THE FALCON and THE WINTER SOLDIER streaming on Netflix. If you are interested in an honest review before screening the miniseries, peep Darren Mooney's review at The Escapist.

The crew and I are hardcore fans of Anthony Mackie, so when we watch his feature work, it's common for us to watch them in twos. Therefore, you best believe we will complete the miniseries in a day or two. Why? Mackey knows how to pick, hone and manifest a good script. I admit that I'm not a hardcore MARVEL fan, tho when Mackie is in the script, I'm as hardcore as the lot of them.

I admire and am inspired by this Libra's work. September 23rd is a pretty chill day, especially back in 1978. His futuristic script preferences set him apart from his competition.

What competition? Tom Cruise?

The question had to be asked. I have thought about it and thought about it, I do not know who Anthony Mackey's acting competition is. Whoever he or she is, Mackey will likely win out every script that the two of them ever audition for because of his schedule flexibility.

This brother is open for business more than most, and while his filmography resume is through the roof, his production credits are attractive as well. He's a weighty man in talent and production stance. Keep your eye on Anthony Mackey; there's never a boring performance and plenty of titles to pull from.