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ASMR at Heart

A couple of years ago, one of our producers spearheaded an ASMR project summit and I was in attendance. At the time I was unfamiliar with the Science and I'd be lying if I said I left the summit feeling thoroughly informed. Instead, I was highly intrigued enough to get her alone for a one-on-one on regarding topic ASMR, and here is what I learned:

Nebraska Medicine has a more thorough write-up on the topic if you are looking for Neuroplasticity and a new brain wrinkle. I support research and am a fan of including links.

After talking to the summit producer I set out to experience ASMR on YouTube because the summit producer shared several examples of the science with the viewing conglomerate and I enjoyed this channel, among many:

Before you run over to MSNBC I should warn you that this is not ARI MELBER. SRP ASMR is a YouTube Creative who, besides being a doppelganger for Melber, is not an ophthalmologist. SRP is into ASMR to convey stimuli, relaxation and a bit of fun. He has 192K Subscribers.

Entertained and still in search of more Scientific enlightenment, I found this channel:

Whispering Willow is the name of this ASMR Creative and she has not only incorporated a soft tone effect, but she is strong on the Science of conversation and sensory cross-relation, and as a result her marketing game is off the charts and her Subscribers list is at 376K.

As cool as the forementioned creatives examples are, they are both contributing to the SCIENCE of ASMR greatly. We are constantly and involuntarily tuned in to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response with no formal prompt. It is in innate.

A light run of 4 fingertips down the face of your forearm will make the hairs stand up on your arm, shoulder, clavicle and neck, without one formed thought from you. Try it. It won't freak you out, however that feeling is pretty much what ASMR is about.

YouTube is the coolest thing to happen to ASMR, because Science is conveyed without touch. If your mind can recall it, you can feel it:

I love Science, so when I was recently contacted to be a part of an ASMR project for Educational purposes, I jumped at the chance and had a blast contributing Graphics to the visual cause. I chose to use a comic to convey several letters from the alphabet that the Protagonist discussed in session via a very soft voice.

I was both enlightened and entertained. That's Science and a bit of Gamification. At times, while working on the project I found it hard to distinguish the difference between work and fun. It was then that it hit me, "that's what life is...a bit of an ASMR experiment." We brush up against people, topics, materials, nature, etc., and we have a natural internal response before and whether or not any words are ever spoken. Each of us do it innately and to be honest with ya,' I think I like it.

COMMUNICATON comes straight from the Heart

I've found a new branch of convey in ASMR

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