Auntie Monique on PRIDE & CHIQUE

"Hello, Queen. 'Show you some worth."

The other day Rickey Smiley re-posted this video of Monique talking to her "nieces" on his YouTube Channel. The question that Monique is posing to her Black American fans is about self-pride; she wants us to turn up visually, in public.

Still touring and doing comedy, Monique has had her feel of seeing her 'daughters, little sister's, and nieces in the airport, at the mall, at the cornerstone, etc., in bonett's, scarfs, and house shoes but online and otherwise demanding to be treated and respected as queens. Monique's message to the lot of mocha babies who enjoy wearing sleepwear in public to please "show you some worth." I agree with Monique, we cannot demand that others treat us like Queens if we don't even take time to don the robe and tiara. Come on ladies! We got this.

Rickey Smiley reposted the video to show his support of WHAT Monique is trying to convey in our community. She is conveying LOVE. The kind of love that a mother, an auntie, or sister would show you. Though sometimes it proves difficult to love on people that you aren't personally related to, even though they are members of your community. Monique's plight for the Black Queens and Queens-In-Training in our community is PLEASE HELP. Please help yourself get the respect that you deserve. Here's Rickey's take on Auntie Monique's video:

Pride is displayed in your stride. Please have it about your person before going outside.

Then and only then can you say to all who may see, "Yes, I am aware that I am Queen, and it is okay for you to RESPECT ME." Respect is always a two-lane road and it starts with you.

Me? I agree with both Rickey Smiley and Aunt Monique,

I'm Qui

and I ain't much for high-end labels, still I dress the part of Queen.