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CW is the place that I suggest you to be to witness the clarification of our past and upcoming legacy.

Ooo wee, I can see the good of the creative writers hand. If we are to make music as a people, we all need a chair in the band.

BLACK LIGHTNING is pretty awesome; a totally fictional world. Black Lightning has two children; both are super hero girls.

I give that series: three snaps and a revolutionary twirl. Where do you go when life throws you a whoa? You turn to your Moms or a girl.

Am I right? CW has foundational insight

and I like the way that they write. Yielding the viewer throwback & future sight.

I do like. Heck, I'm playing it shy -- I do love. BATWOMAN is  THAT WOMAN. She deserves a hug.

The conception is real. The dialogue: layered & thick. MARVEL yields us the skinny; deck-stacking is DC COMICS.

CW is not afraid of --ish and I love their spotlight walk. I support it so much that I binged it up to birth this Griot talk.

CW; See-Double-You. You're yielding your audiences twice as much. Tough storylines, diverse cast finds... you deserve double-the-love.

BATWOMAN. Let's talk about her - she's no bat nor cat. But she is the who shows up on the scene to bid ill-posers a whack.

Though the script is not simple and the familial-issues are stacked. If you're looking for a mere "good time," - you can also find that.

But whilst you watch on DC's clock dialogue clears the fog and backstory rocks.

It's like LAYS - if you try one episode, it's likely that you won't be able to stop, I'm Qui and today BATWOMAN is THAT Woman. I'm binge watching CW's creative dock.

and it don't stop...

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