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We're just getting started with introductions in this authentically artificial-intellectual genius Netflix original series. Have you streamed BETTER THAN US, yet? It's the perfect series to binge-on with the added comfort of knowing there will be a season 2.

Created by Alexander Kessel, we were blown away to research and find that Kessel only has 4 film projects on his IMDB resume! That makes him a writer who catapults. His composition success is not normal or even average. Writers of every background and caliber are told that success in the script composition game is not a short journey. Ha! No one told Kessel and his Russian-born series is equivalent to streaming fire. Viewers can't get enough of it.

Netflix is calling this SciFi Drama an "original Netflix series," but our research seems to indicate that Netflix purchased this piece after (or during) its broadcast in its original home setting.

News of a season 2 has hit the wire and has our screeners on fire. Curious about the premise and plot of season 1?


Here's a critic's POV from Rotten Tomatoes:

It's all handsomely, thoughtfully made, and well worth checking out. It uses a police procedural format, plus a look at a detective's troubled family, to tell a tale of corruption and greed that is about humanity as much as it's about robots.

The series description on IMDB reads:

A family on the brink of splitting up becomes the owners of a cutting-edge robot being sought by a corporation, homicide investigators, and terrorists.

The trailer from Season 1:

We are into it! In full disclosure, our screening team has watched all 16 episodes and now in the shoes of millions of other viewers who are waited with bated breath for the series to return. Way to go Kessler.

As soon as we locate more information on the writing team and producers we will hail their credits. The above-the-line talent is responsible for bringing this SciFi Drama to life. In the meantime, the below-the-line credits deserve a strong round of applause. Before viewing this series, I was only familiar with one of their cast members, Kirill Käro who happens to also be a protagonist in the Netflix series, THE LAKE. Have you seen it? We have put it on several times, but have yet to get hooked and watch the series in its entirety. That was not the case when we screened Better Than Us. In fact, several of us felt HBO's WEST WORLD vibes in the beginning -- but those vibes wore off as the objective of Better Than Us came more into focus.

Who are the responsible reel & series purchasers of Netflix? Whoever they are, they are killing the reel-proprietary game. They are certainly heading up the cool kids on the streaming block.

Our interests are authentic in this artificial intelligence-led series. After all, it's the closest glimpse into the future since Will Smith in "I ROBOT." The possibilities of this series are plausible and the scripted capacity of the A.I.'s therein makes me wonder who was it that uttered the words "Better Than Us?" Was it the robot or the humans? Who's the underdog?

Tune-in and binge. Season 4 is COMING SOON.

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