Axe is pretty sexy to me; thus, I'm always attentive when he's on my TV.

Whose your favorite guy/girl character and are you an avid voyeur to their scenes? One of my favorite #CrushCharacter is Bobby "Axe" Axelrod from Showtime's BILLONS. Season 5 is all the way live and we are in route to counting out episode number 6. The show is amazing. Showtime is about showing skill and BLACK MONDAY is no exception. Who knew that I was so into stocks, bonds, and the S&P? Well, to be honest, no one would have ever known such because I am not interested in those things specifically - as much as I am into the character creation of Bobby Axelrod and the many stories that compose this series that revolves around him.

This season's storyline starts out aggressive, with all of the usual and beloved cast members returning. Electrified at its season premier I found it difficult to stay as "charged" as I normally am when I am binge watching episodes. "Captivating from start to finish" - is my usual word as I climb atop of the complexities and dimensional storyline/sub storylines of most Billions episodes. This season has yet to make me feel "the complexity" of relationship and scenarios though the dimensions are still on point. The dimensions that often shape the Billions scenes are the cameo faces of stars from different spaces like NBS Star - Dominique Wilkins in episode 4 or WWE Star - Becky Lynch in episode 3. I am actually a fan of both, but their appearances felt forced into the series. As in neither was strongly instrumental to making the scene's case (that they were in). They're cameo's felt "written in" to more or less keep in lock/step in what BILLIONS the franchise series does.

Forced cameo's are not ever necessary. Billion series producers should not feel the pressure to lean on outside cameo talent for two reasons: 1) The Billions Cast has crazy, dynamic and even diabolical chemistry within themselves and 2) The cameo's that I've seen so far, didn't propel the episodes storyline and felt like "fun filler." I don't ever tune into Billions for "fun filler." I may not have the bank ledger balances of any of the Billion characters who are crucial to the series, but I absolutely learn much about money matters and integral relationships from watching the show. This show is 50/50: relationship and money.

Are you still watching? Please tell me what you think about Chuck Rhoade's father, Charles, Sr.? He has married again on episode 4 and on the guest list was his ex-wife who sat at the family table across from the newlywed's table with her son. Charles' new wife is a Native American who has born him an infant daughter; Chuck's little sister is a also a new aunt to Chuck's children. Charles, Sr. is thought by some in his relationship-sphere to be going a little senile. He has not been diagnosed by a doctor but his actions on the show are often questionable, in between his brilliant lectures on law and the thin line that he has learned to walk as a titan law legacy.

Episode 6 airs Sunday:

I don't have any money on it, but I'm willing to bet it will be just as entertaining as it has been in prior seasons, though if I could, I'd ask for "new fight." It is always fun to see Chuck and Axe go at it (the perpetual roadrunner and the coyote story) but I won't lie to you, it was fun a season (or so) back when the two joined forces to force out a common enemy. It was hard to tell who to root for; put your money on. This season offers clarity that Chuck and Axe are no longer playing nice, but are back on the road to being "more cunning than the other."

There's nothing new about being 10 billion dollars richer when you're in the house of Axe Capital, but since I'm a few billion short (in fact, a 4-fold deficit), I stay tuned in for the entertainment and financial-cue conversation.

What's in your wallet and what shows are you watching, following and DVR'ing? If you're about relationships and value, chances are you're about your money. If you're about your money, then you're probably an investor. If you are an investor then you are likely the biggest investment in your portfolio. Consider this series to be a windfall of 411 as it pertains to the value of relationships and the cost to keep them. The cast capacity, alone, is worth Billions. Personally, I enjoy watching Damian Lewis; I think he's quite the Axe.