Caleb Farley said, "Nah. Never mind"

What it means to be a leader in life.

Young strength usually equals a firm indestructible mindset especially as it pertains to wisdom of physicality. The James Dean mindset is real -- but it isn't at all a mindset that Caleb can feel. Weighing the pro's and con's of playing college football for the VT Hokies this year feels a bit risky. On what premise? The Corona Virus.


I don't know Caleb personally, but I'm thinking "PIONEER." The last athlete I remember making a big splash about "protecting himself" and rumored (among ladies) to be a cry baby - was really a baller that any aspiring athlete would want to follow: Terrell Owens. I was never a Terrell Owens fan until he joined the Dallas Cowboys, suddenly I realized he was no diva at all, he was concerned about the gold that produced goal; his body and its capacity. I'm impressed that Caleb is not only sensitive about the machine that makes the game-winning points (his body), but he is more over concerned about his health, quality and longevity of life. He's a forward thinker beyond the game of sports and that makes him a baller in the great game of life. I hope this is the beginning of athletic self worth assessments and speeches.

Always think ahead and live to make bigger plays on many more days.

So, why is Caleb not Corner Backing for the Yokies this year? Variables: Covid19 and huddled collegiate workout routines are an honest concern of many athletes. Caleb is just one of many that will likely go public announcing that they will forfeit collegiate play this year. Returning to on-campus classes is still an unknown for many colleges and universities, yielding athletes an opportune time to sit and think about their futures, chosen fields of academic study and to formulate a plan beyond playing sports. It wouldn't hurt to research former sports icons and note the highs and lows of their tenure and chart a plan for themselves to exceed making stats and minimize liabilities (esp. physical). Caleb is young, he's strong and he has great bones:

My favorite collegiate Corner Back ever is former KSU - Joe Gordon. I am still following his career as he has progressed from collegiate ball to the NFL prowl to coaching in collegiate and 5A stables. Joe G always thinks "beyond the play" and continues to raise the standard of thought as it relates to athletic skill and capacity; The Watkins Award. Coach Joe G is also the founder of GORDON SPORTS and their tagline is "The Official Teammate of Todays Student Athlete."

As a supporter of "todays student athlete," Qui-Me stands behind Caleb Farley's decision. We were moved and appreciated the story that he shared about his mother, too:

Caleb is a Pioneer in a new era; he is a baller. Who's got next?