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Cardi B & RHOP

Snip-snap! Black women are known to 'clap-back and Ms. CardiB strengthens the fact.

Folks must learn HOW TO ACT when they don't like the 'good news' of others. In recent social media news, all words didn't equate to "congratulations" when it was announced that CardiB in fact, was crowned Billboard's Woman of The Year.

CardiB is real, and her entertainment capacity seals-the-deal, so when folks "come for her" she gives them En Vogue, i.e., 'something they can feel. Her response was raw and direct. That's the reason why she's reaping bigger checks. Ms. CardiB is on top of her g-a-me:

Keep making Billboard history, and if you get a minute, check-in on RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac: I love you. You are much more than a pretty and affluent view. I love Bravo's touch of a myriad of hues, and that most of the time your show bears good news. However, what we saw in season 5 episode 15 was pretty snug. Less like comfy clothes and more like a bear-hug.

Like Candiace Dillard's dominatrix outfit, I crawled the cracks of your last day in Portugal and found revealing that Ashley is always up for confronting honesty, and the trait is admirable. Candiace was on cue, as well; she has grown quite a bit since Monique put 'hands on her a few episodes back. Unfortunately, she is still living in a pity-bubble if she thinks "she did nothing wrong" in that uncomfortable viewing situation that was a fistfight in the last scene that she had with Monique Samuels. Did you see it?

Bravo has the 411.

On the topic of 'crawling cracks,' Candiace, your dominatrix outfit was amazing! You strengthened the "P" in Potomac with that piece. Meow & prrr.

Image by: Bravo

Candiace, I don't think that I am going off-on-a-limb here when I say that your viewing audience is pulling for both you and Monique to lead the way to "civility between ladies" on the discord issue. Civility was lost when hands went across the table for hair and face cuts at the western-themed restaurant in season 5, episode 8. It can be restored. Keep growing and keep your heart open. I'm confident that Monique is doing the same and we'll meet you there.

Ladies, ladies, ladies! It's always good to see "us" in the news,

I'm Qui

The Editor in Chief serving up CardiB and RHOP views.

They're all so attractive that I could not refuse.

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