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I am an avid student addict; I graduated almost a month ago and I'm already planning my return for my masters degree.

Count me in! I graduated Salutatorian.

May 2020 rolled around during America's first united virtual graduation class. Due to COVID 19 many college and university campuses ceased to hold in-person classes to mitigate the spread of disease. Online courses became a must and not an option. Lucky for me, I was already enrolled online and had been so from the start of my degree program in 2017. Alas the moment to graduate arrived, and any thought that I may have ever had about explaining my decision to go to school online vs. on campus in upcoming employment interviews has dissolved completely as my technique of learning is now absolute standard.

I am an avid student addict; I graduated almost a month ago and I'm already planning my return for my masters degree. I graduated as Salutatorian with a DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHER Bachelors of Science. It was hard work, especially English and Trigonometry. Studies of Quantum Physics inferred me to the doorstep of Quantum Fluctuation which is the theory of life being created in a vacuum. In comprehending the science of film production I took a liking to understanding "angles of depression;"the art of shooting from angles. It's an informative view in my reel skill capacity.

An angle of impression is what I am looking to convey as I approach the job market with fresh perspective. A new view is everything and I am appreciative of what the world is evolving into; communication has gone digital & visual and ZOOM is leading the way, but not a minute before YOUTUBE streams a more supportive convey from the Obama's, Megan Thee Stallion and Bey. Youtube is hosting a live feed titled: DEAR CLASS OF 2020

Peep the GUEST LINE UP here. This is going to be historical in terms of UNITED STREAMING.

The broadcast starts in 75-minutes. I am quite excited and feeling special as a member of the Graduating CLASS OF 2020. I would like to encourage you to join in also. We are living in precedented times together and that makes us a new class of people in the year of 2020. I suppose what I'm saying is, you, too are a part of the 2020 CLASS.

From here on out everything will be different because of the knowledge that we have obtained over many centuries that are coming to a head in this moment. In fact, it all started as a moment and has evolved into a movement. As a human species, this united front is our time to graduate from yesterdays missed communications & missed understandings -- to a more communicative & understanding position.

Raise your hand if you are interested, then lower your hand onto your keyboard and click this link: Dear Class 2020.

I will see you there. Let's celebrate our united graduation. This is OUR TIME. The United States is OUR CLASS.

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