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Cole lives @Yellowstone

It’s a new look for him. The dark features on his face are bold and daring for the natural ginger. The wide-open skies over Montana, (and Texas, for the matter) are the only powers higher than John and Beth Dutton, in his world. COLE HAUSER portrays the journey of RIP WHEELER in Paramount’s YELLOWSTONE and the view is stunning.

The entire cast, production and location are geographic and authentic haute. Leaving exposed BIG SKY and RESIDENT ALIEN’s shooting location; authentic – it’s not.

About Kevin Costner’s character JOHN DUTTON, his loyal family, and his cowboy crew – what they can’t teach you on the ranch, a stint in Texas will yield you “How To.”

I love that about the show. Between Montana, Arizona, and Texas – its locations are good to go.

John Dutton is the ultimate patriarch. He’s Y&R’s Victor Newman but younger. The way that he rides – gives a Western new life, and fills a Southern girl’s world with a ‘riding hunger.

BETH DUTTON, (Kelly Reilly) is John’s baby girl; the only daughter that he has. She’s cute, shrewd, and usually in a stinging mood, but is visual ‘candy-ass.

To add a little dimension to her life, The malevolent Beth, is now Rip’s wife.

The two of them are fun to look at but there’s where it stops. Fire is fun to look at but to live within it, always proves to be too hot.

I can’t pretend to summarize the depths of the well that that their family is drawn from. No matter what you call It, however big or small it’s what each of them knows as real love.

Being a cowboy ain’t easy; there are no periods, just a whole lot of commas. Season 5 starts up in just a few days because it’s a high in demand drama.

I am a cowgirl to my heart. I was raised at the horse lot, I’m Qui Grioting about TV, because ol’ YELLOWSTONE is hot!

Here’s an appetizer for your serial taster enjoy YELLOWSTONE’s Season 5 Trailer:

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