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Corona Personality

Looking from the outside into the tube it appears that most television personalities are adjusting quite well in the Covid19 era, with the exception of Chris Cuomo, Brook Baldwin and Sir Andy Cohen. Andy has been rather forthright about how he and Corona were engaged for weeks before they finally broke it off. We are happy to see Andy and all of the other beloved television personalities 'get their footing' and recover.

On the flip side, several other television personalities have really “stepped in it." And by personalities, I mean television doctors. You know Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and Dr. Oz. Don’t you? I met Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz through Oprah and I met Dr. Drew on an old MTV relationship talk show slated: LOVELINE (1996-2000).

Recently Dr. Drew has been less about love and more about topic Coronavirus. Had you heard? He’s not alone in his rant. Did you hear what Dr. Phil said? Perhaps it’s a contagion to take such a bleak stance, because Dr. Oz said it too and YouTube archived it:

Either way, these three doctors are psychology professionals - not contagious disease doctors. Why were there weighing in? Personally, I hate when my ear, nose, and throat doctor weighs, in on my gynecological care. It’s just too “oral-throated” for me. You know? Medical puns aside, this is no time to put contagious disease science aside. We can do better. I suppose that’s the reason why many have stopped watching their broadcasts. My 73-year old neighbor told me yesterday that she has removed both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz from her DVR list because she has lost several friends to coronavirus who didn’t take the disease seriously; she confessed that wasn't a follower of Dr. Drew. My neighbor has a strong personality and is also guilty of not wearing a mask and gloves when out and about on necessary errands. When I ask her why she is living carelessly, she usually responds with something like “how much longer am I planning to live?” She finishes with, “frack Corona!”

Right or wrong, personalities are strong, and they are what makes us unique. Corona doesn’t care about personalities, so let us be mindful to protect our own personality and health by staying at home as long as much as possible and wearing PPE when you must go out into public.

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