Deep Meditation with D. Gulley

The message usually directs the music, however, this particular song is the protagonist at the center of several lyrical remix compilations. Here we are for another round of color blocking and lyrical rocking with Yella Beezy and his “THAT’S ON ME” | Dallas remix track.

When last we visited this song it was to better comprehend Lil Ronny Mother#--'s message, and I am still impressed. Today we will take a closer look at D. Gulley; his social media game isn't strong, but his lyrics are. Peep his constellation when you reach the 4:29-mark:


How you sleep on the kid? Ain’t that suffocation? But fuck it, we bucking the nation.

Been dropping this shit in their hand. I know ‘they smell us, but that’s where they keep rubbing ‘they face’s. No uppercases; that means no cap that 'be hating. But to me, they good publication. It’s just how I feel whatever I touch I’m a kill; grim reaper reputation.

I’m known to keep medication. I caught a deeper meditation; a real illegal consolation. I got a reap compensation. I never seek confirmation ‘cause I don’t need your computation. Fuck them ninja’s conversation if they don’t peep the constellation. Can’t mention the D without mentioning me, that results in weaker compilation.

That’s a real evil understatement. Stop neglecting my art; I won’t question your marks like I don’t see your punctuation… ninja’s trying to keep it cultuating.

I done’ did all my deeds and planted my seeds, I’m just trying to do some cultivating. Hmph. So, sleep if you want but we the ultra-greatest. That’s you ninja’s ultimatum. **

D. Gulley is a wordsmith of suffix. He spares hesitation while yielding each line a close-rhyme relation. I like his style of composition. D Gulley has earned his own mention and invokes out of me a rhyming indention. I suppose it's just my natural griot ascension. I've got lyrical intentions. I digress.

Let’s run D. Gulley back from the 4:29-mark and meditate. If you’re in an MMJ legal state perhaps you can relate: