Dippin' in On STEREO

Madison Chase usually asks clients for a grueling 15 or 30 minutes of physical agility so, when I heard that her chat line was a STEREO grind, I was quick to get in it. Then she won a lot of dough. Do you stereo?

About a month ago Madison Chase of MadisonChaseFitness.com hit me up to invite me to eavesdrop in on one of her conversations. I wondered if she were in trouble and if maybe her call needed recording when Madison added, "a lot of people listen in," and I thought "What the...?" Madison is into party lines? For what? The sake of BRANDING. She is a fitness instructor to many stars and encourages conversation at the very least for most others. Knowing as much, I downloaded the app and began to listen in.

Madison's conversation extended to more than just workout advice and weighed heavily on the social side, including dating conversation and memoirs that I found both insightful and hilarious. She talked about clothes & food shopping and ultimately exuded traits of refined character. Madison is a Julliard graduate, so I wasn't too surprised. Discipline is not just a workout thing with her it's a life m.o.

I'm a writer all day/every day, but I don't "talk" as often as one might think, not aloud, and certainly not to everyone at once; however, I'm now revisiting that comfort zone. Good conversation is therapy, it's invigorating and proactive. Are you speaking nouns, verbs, and adjectives about adverbs on proverbs? Regardless, if you're in the mood for an unpredictable conversation you should probably check out the STEREO app. You never know who's waiting online to chat it up with you. Oh yeah, the app also has an awesome algorithm system. If you want to talk but don't have anyone to talk to-- it will find you a willing partner to converse with.

What's your conversation like? Madison has gotten me interested in being dippin' and I want to hear your story. I know that it's good. Speaking of, if you are on the STEREO app, you've got to follow MadisonChaseFitness and dip-in on something new. Trust me when I say "mundane conversation -- it is not."

This weekend I have been invited to dip in on the conversation of a musical recording artist that I support, his name is TripRexx. I'm a digital cinematographer and he's one of my favorite subjects. A thespian in his youth, he won me over with his take on a myriad of multimedia entertainment, especially his rap capacity.

What are you doing this weekend, (Saturday and Sunday)? Download STEREO, locate @TripRexx TRT, and @MadisonChaseFitness -- then listen in. I'll be there, too, do look for me -- my STEREO handle is @MizQui.

What's your conversation like? Care you to listen in and/or respond?

I'm Qui

Hit me up on STEREO. Party lines are back! 'Good ol' recycled fun.

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