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Do you hear that?

“Preserving and uplifting the legacy, and being a preeminent voice of classic and timeless hip-hop, is definitely the goal."

More than an SIRUS XM Channel Host, January 2020 was a breakout month for the legendary rap mogul LL COOL J as press releases dropped debut of his fashion brand ROCK THE BELLS.

I researched quite a few articles beyond the mogul's stunna' fashions and they all spell influence, leadership and unity, as it pertains to fashion. However, in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Rashard Brooks and many other black men in such a small period of time that have sparked local, national and global protests against police brutalities is showing signs of no end soon, so LL rung the inclusive bell and expanded his brand.

From what I could understand during his brief interview on THE BEAT, is that “Preserving and uplifting the legacy, and being a preeminent voice of classic and timeless hip-hop, is definitely the goal." LL only had about 90-seconds during his interview; I was left grasping for information so I took my research global.

I read in a piece that "Rock the Bells is a black-owned company where those with a hand in creating the hip-hop genre receive an ownership stake. Artists like Big Daddy Kane, Eric B., Salt-N-Pepa, Fab 5 Freddy and more all get a piece of the company." I agree. I have long thought that it is high time that the Black community learned to self sustain; to create and strengthen itself from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in. You can get the remainder of that scoop here. quotes LL when expounding on what the site will consist of as it evolves: "We're going to talk about things that are familiar and unfamiliar. Even people who are hip-hop aficionados will be able to learn some things. There will be virtual experiences coming in '21, our offerings will consistently expand, but what I wanted to do is curate the best of all things hip-hop." LL posed another pivotal question in the write-up that I'm still thinking upon; he asked: "You're gonna tell me that Run-D.M.C. shouldn't be making more money from their contribution to hip-hop?" He went on to ponder much more, read about it here.

Fresh content from speakers of authority is a demand in the wind. Join in formatting the tale that is and about the Black Experience. Not only do Black Lives Matter but they know how to network and move to one beat. I like the sound of that.

I'll see you there.

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