Do you Pop & Lock and TikTok

Of course, you know what a Pop & Lock dance looks like but do you know TikTok? COVID19 has introduced us to a lot of life changing variables quickly – and I think TikTok may be the one of them.

Another hit app is born! Finally. I I’m actually into streaming live personalities on “the app with the most juice” … at the moment.

Do you remember “The Vine,” or that cute little video byte that went viral where a little girl would jump off dancing, because she was egged on by others kids (not seen in the film) to “do it,” so she “did it” for The Vine? Remember that? You or someone you know likely made a “Snap Chat” about it. Give it some thought… Tick-tock! You got it and dare I say that I have a feeling that TikTok is pretty much more of the same? Yes. I do declare.

Apps own the masses.

I compare it to wearing “digital sunglasses.”

People love to be heard & herded and I love people. Social media is a part of the answer to our human need to socialize with others who are “like us.” Isn’t that what that FACEBOOK “Kazoo” GROUP commercial about?

Groups. People like to belong and groups are a great way to reap that feeling. But why TikTok? Are you not satisfied with just being a Gemini? Come on? It’s two of you all of the time! Your group and the Pisces group must be twice as large as all of the other zodiac signs -- in a stand alone. About those Leo groups? They run in packs! I should know. Truly, we all belong to a zodiac group. But your zodiac group never buzzes your phone with dope content via an app. Bummer, because the TikTok app does exactly that. It's no secret that humans, like to “feel” important; so you care about how many “followers” you have. And that's cool. I’m not making fun of you. I’m making fun of me. Do you really think I create content for no one to read? Of course, I’m just like you. I like social media, I like followers, and so far, I like TikTok. But I’m not quite herded into that gate. Though I won’t lie, the app has popped up on my route of observation often over the last few months. It is kicking out loads of creative content and creative content producers. I don’t have the app on my personal phone, but it is on my business phone. Naturally.

I keep no phone on me at all times, because I enjoy owning my thoughts. I know that it’s selfish. Is there a group for non-phone packers, like me? Of course, there is. The group is called WRITERS and the type that join it are like me and likely don’t keep phones on them. This group usually 'texts you back' instead of leaving voice mails. The Writers group membership numbers are always through the roof. The only con is no one is idle waiting to talk or create conversational content. Instead they have branched off to create their own world of word-branded social media to attract a "like-herd;" cool people, like you.

That's me in a nutshell - a Writer, and here you are with me. You are so cool. Thank you so much for stopping by o' friend and welcome. I’d be talking to myself if you weren’t here. We are a social species and

socializing makes us tick, conversations make us tock and Hip Hop don’t stop.

Speaking of, I have witnessed the birth of explosive fan-ship for many musicians who dare to steer the app with intentions to master it – daily.

In the spirit of this mention, I’d like to introduce you to a TikTok’er who I have watched make video clips and sound bytes in the park, in the light, in the dark, in his home and at mine; whether indoors or out, he keeps his drive "to go viral" on shine. Meet my Canadian born friend “TRIP REXX” and jam in a little creative content:

Qui-Me is YOUR Group and we welcome you to hitch your wagon here anytime, pod’nah.