Walking amnesia is a comparable. Please sip here.

I am always thirsty for change and Amazon keeps pouring up the good stuff. It is through Amazon that I witnessed the UPLOAD series not too long ago. It's an Amazon Original and the content is out-of-the-box. I can't wait for Season 2 to drop. It may be a while because season 1 just debuted in May. Of course, I ran through all 8-episodes in about 3 days. Good stuff. I should have paced myself on the episodes. I could have gotten 8-days out of those 8 episodes. This is my modus operandi; I am like a wild fire when a new series hit the streaming sphere. I usually run through them all, with the exception of HOMECOMING. It's quite the multi-ingredient sip.

Amazon's HOMECOMING series has 2 seasons in the cue and lucky you, I have seen them both. Season 1 has 9 episodes and Season 2 consist of 7 episodes. Walter Cruz (portrayed by actor Stephan James) stars in both seasons as the bell of the ball. The ball is metaphor for the rehabilitation program set up by civilians for soldiers. Homecoming is also the name of the facility that houses PSTD soldiers who are participating in the experimental rehab program.

Season 1 stars Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman and is Directed by the vision of Sam Esmail. Heidi is Walter Cruz' Homecoming Therapist. Heidi, a middle aged-white woman who was more in need of a job than a profession in the sociology/psychology field is hired to consult with incoming soldiers from the battlefield who have witnessed trauma. Walter is Heidi's patient. Walter witnessed his fellow soldiers killed by an IED. Heidi audio records each of their sessions. Her findings are clear that the soldier's memories are painful. The rehab facility administers an ambitious herbal medication to soldiers in a study sponsored by stock market corporate investors who are in partnership with the DOD. As season 1 plays out, it's not quite clear if Heidi is aware of "what" the Homecoming project's end game is, until the very end -- and by that time it is to late.

Heidi and Walter dine on large plates of Orange Chicken as a special way to celebrate the close of Walters time in the facility. While it's clear that Walter has forgotten plenty about what ailed him at his arrival to the program, it is not clear is what Heidi is thinking. It appears that she has lost her mind in choosing to eat the house entree, prepared by the Homecoming chefs. It's a special recipe and every staff member knows it. With each forkful of Orange chicken that Heidi puts into her mouth, every worker in the Homecoming facility stands frozen with their mouths agape.

Season 2 stars Janelle Monae as Alex and Jackie. Season 2 starts with Alex in a canoe boat, in the middle of a pond. She is passed out with her cellphone in her hand and resting on the edge of the canoe boat. As she becomes conscience again, her blurred vision focuses on a black male standing at the bank of the pond and she yells to him for help right before she drops her cellphone into the water. The guy on the bank sees Alex in the boat and takes off running in the opposite direction; the guy is Walter.

The script works backwards from there; reverse engineering circumstances that lead us to the pond. Water is symbolic of emotion, murky water is a symbol of confused and unclear feelings -- kudos to the lay of Film Science by Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Each Homecoming episodes presents itself as several layers deep; the ingredients that compose the dialogue are paired sufficiently with the view. The script is twisted with very sharp curves. I loved it. Suspense? They have it in spades. If you are of the sleuth type you will be held captive at this series. Saturday morning cartoons and SCOOBY DO helped to be bring out the VELMA in me. I sniffed out each incoherent moment to connect to exactly what the Homecoming kitchen was cooking and by the end of season 1 I was reminded that everyone but me would forget.

My closing remarks on the Homecoming series is: Don't eat the Orange Chicken and definitely don't drink the Kool Aid, still, you have got to watch this show. Alex was so confused that she thought her name was Jackie and she had no memory of her lover, Audrey Temple (portrayed by Hong Chau) who is the Chief Director at the Homecoming facility. Alex did not toast with Audrey and Homecoming staff at the program's reboot (episode 7). The effects of the toast were immediately apparent.

Walter spots Alex standing across a room of limp and floored bodies; each one going in and out of conscientiousness and he approaches Alex. He asked her if she knows who she is or where she is and she responds, "No." When Walter asks her why is she hanging out with the incapacitated group of Homecoming employees, Alex replied, "I don't know, but I know what it feels like to wake up and remember nothing at all." On that note, Walter exits stage right leaving Homecoming department heads to fight for the memories of their life.

Amazon serves up amazement. The brainy writers of this episode are:

How long has it been since you've given yourself over to a season or two of thrilling debut? HOMECOMING is the perfect reason to do it again. With baited breath, I'm waiting for season 3 to begin. Cheers & bon appetit.