As in Rhyming Philosopher JAY ELECTRONICA. To be dug is the re-mix afore by Matt Turner [2009]; therein is incorporated 3 tracks of lyrical evidence.

Don't we just love stiletto's, Louboutin's, and The Boot, as in the state of Louisiana? The Boot is fashionable from season-to-season in heralding life-and-death reasons to jam. I love the beat of Louisiana and I love inhaling philosophy over beats. Are you familiar with Jay Electronica?

Born on September 19th, just 5-years and 2-months post-Louis Armstrong's homegoing, this Virgo reps the year 1976, during The Birth of Rap. He was molded in the capacity that he yields and produces today. Philosophical music is what I call it. It's sharp, it's witty, it's true; it's American History.

In the interest of leaving a good legacy Jay Electronica, whose real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford procreated with FatBellyBella also known as our beloved Erykah Badu and whose real name is Erykah Wright. When two super-beings collide they bang out MARS. Mars is the name of their beautiful daughter.

i-Contribtion's aren't many with this Virgo Philosopher. Please believe FatBellyBella, the Pisces, is a very special woman. She is the perfect YeYo.

While Music App's are my jam, moreover, I am an avid NPR subscriber and it's clear that they, too are into Philosophical music. Believe it or not, but they jam Jay Electronica - hard. Especially as it pertains to EXHIBIT C. But you don't need to turn on the radio to peep Jay in his element. Allow me to pass this dutchie to you.

EXHIBIT JAY stays in Rotational Play.

NPR's fave!