FACETIME Glitch or VIDEO Party Line

The other day I was on Facetime with my mother when she accidentally disconnected the call with her earring, at which time a person that I have never seen in my life appeared in the face of my phone and just stared at me. I was wondering if it was a still shot, and then she leaned in closer to her phone and my eyes grew wide as my thoughts began to race. I was two seconds from saying "Who the (pardon) are you," when my right index finger disconnected the call.

Thank God for my right index finger, but who was that, and what kind of technical glitch-ification have I just been a victim of? That was a very scary experience, so I began to research if this has ever happened to anyone else and if there was a reason or resolution to prevent it from happening again?

To my surprise, it has happened before, many times, and the issues go back as early as 2013 in my brief 60-minute research. Reddit and Apple forums are two technical audiences that have reported on this topic and unfortunately, neither have answers as to why it happens.

Dialing on adrenaline, I called my mother back and informed her of my Facetime assault and she cut me off with, "That happened to me too..." She began to share a tale of talking to a woman on Facetime when at mid-conversation a man appeared on the screen and just stared at her. She asked who he was and he asked her the same. Both were confused and freaked out and were immediately thrown into a race to end the call first.

What the (pardon) is going on with Facetime? I don't usually glam up before calling family on a video call, but I do believe it will be protocol from now on. Apple has got some technical glitch answering to do, starting with HOW IS THIS HAPPENING and how can we ensure that it doesn't happen again?

I won't start a forum on this topic, just yet, but I do want to weigh in on the face value with a Q&A.

Q: What's the cost of Facetiming a stranger while you are mid-conversation with another person?

A: Too high. With no rhyme or reason as to how video calls are connecting to random Apple users, the introduction could prove to be catastrophic.

It would be a nightmare to drop in on a private sexting session. Can you imagine the horror of a mono-performer seeing you pop up on their screen fully clothed and wide-eyed while they are naked and hard at work? If you can, you are better than me, I'm trying not to see it.

Dear Apple, Tim Cook, and astute Staff:

If you happen to locate this article in your search for relevant Facetime glitches, please leave word here on when the random Facetime caller-bug will be fixed. Otherwise, a video party line is a bold and new concept that I'm not sure your audience is ready for.

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