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FALL in Love

Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash

Good morning, Fam. I have fallen in love. But only after searching much and talking to the ‘man above.’

I have been in the market for a studio of my own, as well as out here in this crazy market ISO a new home.

The weekend came and I duly went out to peruse… I concluded with my ‘eyes on the prize and more work to do.

And I’m into it. I am very much into today. I am up early feeling girly with nothing but good things to say.

Regardless of the topic… You dare me to chronicle today’s news? Oh, stop it!

I got you. Did you peep PBS‘s MAKING BLACK AMERICA? James Weeks, The Freedmans Torchlight, and much more made the cut.

How exciting to be on the cusp of learning more about BLACK AMERICA; more about US.

The entire show was fantastic and any further broadcast anxieties have been put to ease, for I am happy to report that my favorite new show is not a one-time event, but a series.

Americans collectively know a lot of stuff. Though, when it comes to our country’s formation, we don’t know enough.

The legacy of slaves can be seen in the faces of Black American descendants. Most of them are familiar with the history, just ask any one of your Black friends.

And what your Black friends will tell you is that ‘it is not fun, to be a descendant of enslaved ancestors and never knowing where they originated from.

So, the MAKING BLACK AMERICA broadcasts are comforting in that area. Their volumes speak to this country’s history; 411 that can carry “US.”

And to be honest, that’s all of the new news that I found on the wire that wasn’t bad news or composed of war fire.

Good love is for hire and has FALLen into our laps. Good love begins with us; I am thankful for a seasonal sap.

Love is in session every day of every generation. Halloween is up next, but Thanksgiving yields the biggest congregation.

FALL in Love with life again. Today is a good starting point. Whatever you did over the weekend is now cashed like a joint.

Make this week about progress; make a plan and chart a quest, I’m Qui FALL in Love with the idea that you deserve the very best.

There’s Goodness in the Making | Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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