I don't know about most folk, but I dream of having a family business that many members of our family could utilize their skilled capacity in. I dream of how the success of my efforts in the family business will be passed down and honed for generations to come... similar to what Beyonce's parents' dreamed and achieved.

I am glad to be alive to witness the generational efforts of the Knowles family in my community and I am renewed with joy to see the family business exceptionalism "stick."

Destined to be a singer, Beyonce excelled in Destiny's Child, and then she birthed a child with her award-winning spouse, who's also in the music business. Blue Ivory is now a big sister to the couple's latter set of twins. They are a beautiful family and recent news heralds: Blue Ivy has a Grammy!

Is Blue Ivy's creative spirit inherited from her mom or dad?

To me, it's reminiscent of what her Grand Tina Knowles has.

Tina Knowles is Beyonce's mother; she's a ghostwriter and family business lover.

She's not voicing 'I'm too old;' she's not Danny Glover.

So, after Mr. Knowles divorced her, good karma brought her another:

Momma Tina never won a Grammy in her melodic days, but that's not to say that she still can't.

Beyonce is a beast and I love Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z's new release; this family like a band.

Never mind the Beatles and all that they ever did,

the Knowles-Carter Empire is the bomb-diggity-digz.

They're a Grammy Family and the growth is from within.

Of course, I like The Beatles, but they were a "group of friends."

Sometimes it's hard to talk about winners within our community grind

without going GRIOT and speaking in rhyme. Notice the last 11-lines.

I suppose it's the way my little light shines.

Though, if I could just build a similar empire -- it would be the greatest find.

Good News for my legacy generations, it just so happens that I have the time.

I am composing no Grammy Family but one that works just as hard and in kind.

We are a family of writers; generation after generation and line-for-line.

Fermented manuscripts in the future will be comprehended like wine.

Where wisdom and the future intertwine, such skills won't be hammy.

Therefore, I look forward to my own score much like our beloved Grammy Family.

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