Griot Hymn: A Beautiful "M"

Whether it’s A Beautiful:

Mind, Man, Moment, Money-wad or Monday – once on showcase it yields (all involved) a fun day.

A Beautiful Moment is upon us and refreshingly at hand especially if you’re in good health (body & mind) across this land.

A Beautiful Memory is in the cue of life waiting (for you) to be made, So take a chance and step up out of your comfort of recluse shade.

A Beautiful Man is a blessing — and someone to rally behind especially if he’s living within his purpose and enjoys his daily grind.

It’s A Beautiful Monday, baby and the opportunity is ours for the taking. Life is what you make it. Get busy moving and shaking.

Make your mind up that this week will be beautiful, I’m Qui and success is yours – if you’ll just remain dutiful.

A Beautiful Me is required from the inside out enabling me to seize all opportunity routes. ______________________________________________________ My attitude is in check and I am out!