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Hip Hop + Ballet = HipLet

Covid can't stop "the hustle" or the evolution of dance and now Hip Hop is a ballerina's jam -- or so I have heard. Since about 2009 HipLet has been word.

There's actually a pretty well-documented route about when choreographers began to experiment with Ballet and African inspired moves, however, it was in 2016 when a dance troupe in Chicago posted their HipLet on IG and it exploded in views. You've got to see this:

Evolution is for everything and everyone. Why wouldn't ballet follow suit? I am a fan of ballet and a fan of hip hop. Personally, I'm thrilled that the two have yielded us an offspring. It's an enchanting mash of skill and culturalism.

It is always my earnest intention to be well-read. So, without further ado, let's ballet and do the stanky-leg.

Let's go!

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