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I fell for the man…

Which one? Faraday, of course. Have you been watching SHOWTIME’s original series THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Naomie Harris? Chiwetel portrays a character named Faraday from a far away planet named Athena. His journey is to gather resources needed in an effort to save both Athena and Earth from resource depletion and destruction. The series is chockfull of science fiction or is it future predictions? I can’t tell if TMWFTE is “art imitating life,” or a composition loosely based off of real life.


The view should be billed as futuristic, but to me, it feels more like insightful 411. The Man Who Fell To Earth bears strong reflections of “what we’ve done“.

Climate change can destroy an entire world. Humans are a parasite with a relentless destruction hurl.

But we know who we are. Let our wisdom respect the biggest star:

the sun. Let us be mindful that Earth is for more than fun;

she is life sustaining. Let us do right by her, and end our ignorance reigning.

It’s high time we respect the order of Earth and immediately reverse our consumptive girth.

According to SHOWTIME’s SciFi baby, other planets may be watching as their own worlds are fading, they are open to planet hopping.

Sounds “far out” a little, or does it sound about right? Recently the USA did a 411 dump of UFO notes regarding the sky.

Do you think it was done to get ahead of Showtime’s serial, nigh? Maybe/maybe not, still this is one series that I like.

For a second season, it may not thrive, that is because season one spoke complete life.

Have you seen THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH? What did you think of his profile? I’m Qui Watching TV for “we,” digging Showtime’s composition and Faraday’s smile.


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