Ice Cube Squares Up on a 69

A request to "return the love."

Today at 6 pm/ET on IG LIVE @adr1600

Don’t call it a comeback, because you’d moniker a different high-velocity rapper. Ice Cube’s position is cool and while there are some ladies who may love it, his message of reciprocity is good for everyone who supports and uplifts governing parties through elections. Ice Cube pins his query to the BIDEN HARRIS ticket:

What’s the Community Vote worth?

2020 is an important election and everyone is on the edge about "what could be." Regardless of who wins the election – things in America will change. It’s no secret that the African American vote is overwhelmingly in support of the BIDEN HARRIS ticket as their community struggles to grasp the alarming number of police shootings being recorded across the nation.

April Ryan hosts Ice Cube live on IG @adr1600 tonight, August 24th at 6 pm/ET to discuss his thoughts. He has drafted his thoughts into a document of comprehension, The Contract with Black America (2020).

In the Black community, there is a saying, “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” As a child I had no idea what that meant; none whatsoever. As an adult, I understand this statement all too well and dimensionally. It basically means ‘if you don’t speak up and ask for what you need and/or want, no one will know that you have a deficiency and your need likely won’t be met.’ Ice Cube does not want his community to be investment hungry anymore. He’s concerned about unemployment, banking, and housing opportunities in communities of color.

In the words of Lil Kim, "Never 68 and owe 1," Ice Cube is looking for a contract on a community's returns.

What are your thoughts on the Cube’s thoughts? Remember closed mouths don’t get fed and: