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IN TREATMENT is Ba-aaack

Counseling is definitely in season and a joy to receive. Especially in the lives of those who are seeking to get into a more purposeful formation to do "the wop" on bad energy and dry situations.

HBO MAX is serving situational Dramedy that is not only funny and inspiring but is loaded with exciting inferential ideas. Each episode plays out like a personal session. We are interlaced from the view of the Psychologists and the view of the Client in a stationary setting; the doctor's office.

Brilliant! Do you know how much a set design costs? The cost to film one episode of GAME OF THRONES is averaged to be $7,667.00 and only a small fraction of that goes into the upkeep of set design. Whatever the specific costs are for the IN TREATMENT set, HBO has kept it in budget.

Dr. Paul conducts TREATMENT sessions in his home office. The side door entrance and the landscape leading to it are locations 2 & 3 and on the few occasion's that we visit Paul's friend and Mentor/Therapist Gina - it is in her home office, labeled location 4. There are the occasional scenes reflecting thoughts of actions in various places, but the aforementioned are the main settings of this phenomenally dynamic series.

If you like people, you will love this show. If you have an issue with people, you probably need this show. If you need someone to talk to or are just looking for insightful conversation and mindful thinking -- this may be your show. I fit all of the scenarios regarding people, insight and mindful thinking an I IN TREATMENT is the best thing going. Season 4 just premiered May 23rd and I am soberly on Season 1 Episode 12,"Alex - Week 3," and Blair Underwood has me under his spell, again.

There are 43 episodes in Season 1. Amazing! This has got to be "the find of the decade" for me. I've got a long way to go on this series, and I'm much healthier and happier for it.

There's no better way to live than laughing, learning, and loving.

Are you treating yourself right in this life? Are you talking-it-out & working-out tight situations in your life? If not, it's not ever too late to consider therapy. Let's say you do consider counseling, wherever would you find a therapist to match you, your family or culture? If you were to ask Taraji P. Henson, I believe she would recommend:

Boris L. Henson Foundation

Life can be brilliant, in that most of the questions that we have in life, already have answers and a great deal of them have websites, too. I dropped in on the foundation and found their RESOURCES GUIDE to be invaluable. It is a composition of counselors, coaches, and homeopathic information; it is everything that we don't have readily at our fingertips, yet. Click it and bookmark it.

You may not need a professional to help you out on your journey, sometimes we just need the listening ear of a friend or a relative. In seeking to voice your emotions and acknowledge your inner ocean - you are treating yourself to a better quality of life; you are effectively in TREATMENT.

The best kind of treatment costs you nothing and never expires. The second best type of therapy has got to be HBO MAX's series IN TREATMENT. It invokes me to laugh, to cry, to think, calibrate, and try.

When was the last time you enjoyed a show that was not a reality show? I strongly recommend that you DO IT AGAIN.

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