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It's Good to Know Your ROOTS

Black Thought is one of the greatest MCs of all time, hands down,”

Sam Taylor, EVP A&R of Republic Records

Real should always encompass a "homebody" feel. I certainly feel at home watching the NPR: Tiny Home Desk Concert with more Black Thought, beyond my own. Tariq Trotter is "Black Thought" and he is in his element when he verses, regardless of physical GPS location.

HBCUs are making world news today thanks to Kamala Harris' rise as the Democratic Presidential VP Candidate alongside the Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Senator Harris is a Howard University Alumni and Howard University is a bonafide HBCU - Historical Black College/University. Black Thought is the epitome of inner thought to many in black and brown communities; he cleverly compares himself to an HBCU. The following proof assures me that Content Producers at NPR concur:

Recently Sam Taylor of Republic Records signed Black Thought to a solo deal. What does it mean for The Roots group? More love. The visual reckoning short film for his new track, THOUGHT vs. EVERYBODY is several societal-relative layers deep:

Black Thought is squarely on display during this era of Americanism that encompasses the Black Lives Movement. Alas, the radio has no shortage of new music, though the lyrics of Black Thought are a stand-alone - especially in Thought vs. Everybody,

"For makin' art, for makin' love, for makin' Hajj

The home is where the hatred lies, they takin' lives

But everybody just so saved and sanctified

Then they rely upon, we the few defiant ones

(Everybody, every goddamn body)

Communicate in the higher forms than Viacom

To dialogue before the raw or the riot horn

I wonder on which side of the lines I belong? "

Chew the lyrics carefully before swallowing and be nourished by the end of the track. Enjoy the convey of enlightenment from Black Thought. It's good to know your roots.

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