DJ Screw was a pretty spectacular disc jockey and sound pioneer. Click the headline vieo and jam in slow motion with us. Hailing from the Lone Star State, DJ Screw crossed over Nov. 16, 2000, in Houston. Ripples of disbelief rolled hard throughout the South because Screw was only 28-years old.

Fast forward to yesterday, I got into my car with a friend and connected my iPad via Bluetooth to YouTube TV, and the audio sounded like it was being produced by DJ Screw.

I drive a smart car and I was freaking out. I researched "Bluetooth connection + slow motion audio" online and realized my issue was not an isolated one. Still, no resolution dimes were dropped on me to help me out. After doing a little troubleshooting between my car, my iPhone, and iPad, this process worked to reset my audio speed:

Hitchin’ you up to “the know,”


My Prius Bluetooth audio is good to go.