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Key MultiMedia Players

America has a reel history of diversity.

Alright, Good People: I’m at it again, with something that you can feel in the spirit of Black History, I’m thrown back to JORDAN PEELE.

Have you seen the new Amazon series THE HUNTERS? It parallels todays hell; the script is a punter.

Al Pacino's performance is like no other.

“It's the monsters among us.” - [The Hunters]

I am enjoying the series install.

It’s a throwback view of — us all.

This show takes a particular look into hate,

the law, the people; a legacy page.

A lot is up for debate on this piece.

Composed of real stories, yet hard to believe.

Give it up people: for content creators who keep it real.

Give it up people:  for the history of Jordan Peele.

He is showing you yourself – regardless of your race.

The Hunters series has potential; may it take its place.

HOME. I am an American. The American way yields an intellectual key.

Home. I am an American; I am about her values and BLACK HISTORY..

Amercia's History.

Speaking of making history, let’s talk about Martin and Will — and the alchemy of good times they have captured in their reel.

BAD BOYS came back this year and made history; approaching $200 million box office reception carries mystery.

Like, why is it that folks have turned out to see them in show? Is it likely we missed the days of wholesome entertainment, so….

We bought tickets to sit in the theater and be consumed with yesterdays situation and these beloved two.

What is it about yesterday that invokes us to congregate, pay a door fee in hopes to rewind history and improve today?

Whatever it is… let’s all hold to it. When it comes to supporting Box Office sums – please continue to DO IT.

The BAD BOYS franchise is raking it all in because yesterday was good and karma is a friend.

Not to mention that one of the cast members is an Alchemist. Both relate in laughter, though making gold belongs to Will.

Will remains reflecting that “go getters appeal.” Martin Lawrence is still the neighbor who ‘we feel.’

Let's Go Down South

Learning requires failure.” - [ATL]

Scripting realities is quite the reflection of yet another — Mr. Writer/Director/Executive Producer, Donald Glover.

Donald is Childish Gambino (the musician) and he knows full well, what type of patience it takes to produce: A-T-L.

It’s been off of the air for a spell but is slated to come back with plenty. In 2018 FX renewed for Season 3 and 4 to be broadcast the year after 2020.

It’s not easy being independent. So many of us want to be. So give it up to the brother that embodies it; give it up DG/CG.

Characters are Crucial.

Which brings to mind another no limit storyteller Curtis “50Cent” Jackson gets better and better!

Have you seen the view of his latest characteristic plight? It stars Nicholas Pinnock in a new series called FOR LIFE:

Like Power, FOR LIFE takes off quickly. The storyline is relative and connects swiftly.

A Multi Media Player usually plays more than one role; an influencer of views to be told and to be sold.

Any chance that you’re watching either of these shows? Your support is appreciated and I hope the show moves your soul.

Black History month is short and perhaps that was the calendar goal. I am grateful for any reservations to culture-uplift and boast.

America is great! Embrace all of Her History.

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