King-Size MultiMedia Moves

Michael Jackson made them, Michael Jordan and LeBron James makes them and Clifton Harris is the T.I.P.

"It's your move homie, so what's it gonna be?"

said no one to Clifton Harris, aka T.I.P.

In fact, this young man delights in elaborating the most.

He is about real receipts; he backs-up his boast.

TI is everywhere with everyone on the rap road elevation.

Chronicling his moves requires one to comprehend meditation.

TI meditates, relates and hits hard in lyrical conveys. Have you been listening? It may be hard to focus on getting your jam on during these COVID19, Unity Protesting times, but you must. Do not loose your dance agility in the process of progressing civility. Dancing happens naturally when you listen to good music, with fresh beats and dope lyrics. Clifton Harris is still serving "the celebratory feeling" while the globe of protesting souls seek unity and healing; and his service is good.He's serving global food from his southern hood and he's doing pretty good in short film form:

Life is so much more than storytelling.... but is it really? I think life is all about storytelling. Everyone has a story. As a writer I am interested in hearing your story. As a filmmaker I may even want to option your story. Give it some thought.

TI has his hand in writing, producing and radio host juicing. Surely you know about his podcast show:

T.I. has no limits, much like Master P and also, like Percy, he is a family man:

Give it up for Tiny. She certainly is outliving the meaning of her name. Tiny has a huge heart and is an amazing partner and matriarch. We hardly ever talk about Tiny in this respect, for whatever reasons, but the fact is: WE SHOULD. It is no secret that successful men have a hard time staying focused on family and many great women (Queens-in-progress) are left with a bag of successful story fragments that she must shape-up into a Picasso picture of art. Many do it well and society is at awe as of "how." Well thanks to Tiny's big capacity she is not shy in sharing the HOW with us. It's not always easy, pretty or shawl worthy, but it's always truth. Tiny is big on truth and not afraid of necessary apology. She is fit for a king and still wearing his ring.

When it comes to music, videos and family, TI is progressively king. Please do not sleep on his dynamic reality. Does it parallel your own? No one is perfect, but all can be King and Queen in their own court. TI holds productive courting in several areas. How's your court looking? Examine your capacity and strengthen your stance; both king and queen are composed of man. In all that you do, don't forget to celebrate you and dance.