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Reason #1 to laugh: Work on your abs.

We do a lot of things naturally, like expend and take-in copious amounts of energy.

If I didn't break up the concentration of no-flux, what kind of friend would I be?

“Show smile-less to the door.."

Reading is fundamental and is an activity that I enjoy best. Good jokes appeal to me; I find them in the READERS DIGEST.

The world needs more smiles and less "do I still look happy" fakes. If you reflect the latter of the two - please genuinely enjoy this LAUGH BREAK:

ADD it UP. Laughter is good for the heart; Laugher is good for the gut.

Partake in a laugh or two, we really need three or four, I'm Qui Good morning to thee, show "smile-less" to the door.

There's no reason to harbor it anymore - for goodness sake. So never mind what thoughts plague your mind, let's all take a LAUGH BREAK.

Today is a good day to.

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