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Michelle Obama said GO HIGH and Aliya Janell broke-out into a Dance

So I'm in the midst of going vegan, I'm dropping pounds like I used to drop dimes for donuts. Fitness is a much better exchange. A good diet can transcend the body, but if you really want to sculpt it, it takes a movement. I'm a cardio girl but the video above elevates dance cardio to whole another level.

Meet Aliya Janell, she enhances pop cardio dance paired to the dopest jams in stiletto heels and I shant lie it has a fiery appeal:

FULL OUT TV is the place to be if you own a pair of heels that you want to work out and burn calories in. I love the concept and the end choreography looks magical. Still, I can help but to think about the hip problems that PRINCE endured in his mid-life from dancing in heels and most certainly from doing the splits. With that being public knowledge it looks like Aliya is into a whole lot of stretching because the women in her dance class seem to slide into the splits quicker than some of us can bend over to twerk. Work it, ladies! Stretching is key.

Remember First Lady Michelle Obama's motto: When they go low we go high? Well, I want you to know that I'm looking for a pair of stiletto's, yo,' and a Queen N Letto's course to be nigh. Or I could take one of Aliya's digital classes online. Please believe, I, too, am trying to get fine!

ELEVATE Your Sexy and GET Your FIT On!

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