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My fascination with Agile Logistics

A fan of Mr. Bojangles educated feet and ankles:

Bill Bojangles Robinson began dancing a the age of 5 in 1882. Born a Taurus in 1878; once he started moving he did not stop. Dancing earned him a fine living and a legacy that is still being noted today. I have a feeling there may have even been a SOUL TRAIN line to convey his soul to glory. Bill Bojangles was the epitome of Agile Logistics and his spirit lives on strong.

The last Uber Driver who I paid was a 78-years old man and I tipped him heavily when he dropped-off my 20-somethings daughter at 3:30 am on a Friday after clubbing in a college town.

Once inside of our home, the younger me (my daughter) told me all about her Uber ride with the most awesome senior driver until she fell asleep midsentence. Several hours later she woke up still amazed by the Uber driver. She said that he had given her some pertinent life advice. I said, "What was the advice?" My kid said, "Don't ever stop moving." I have no aspirations to be a seasoned Uber driver, but I do have aspirations to wow people 5-decades younger than me on any day.

Because I have not been on this earth for 5-decades yet, was the seasoned driver's life advice golden? You bet! So, here are a few moves that I aspire to get:

I'm down with the choreography but will have to work on the one hand-stand as not to fall.

So, to get my Apple watch to record more movement I jam the BET AWARDS with Duval:

Always Interested in LIVING MY BEST LIFE -- which means that I am not interested in being stationary.

If you're in the market for retaining good health and agility, rewind the videos and dance strong. Just make-the-moves-up as you go along. That way, no other dancer can say that you are wrong.

My fascination with Agile Logistics is not up for debate, especially if I want to be as flexible as Bojangles or a college kid when I am 78.

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