My second wind...

I better catch it. BIDEN HARRIS won the elect, and now our economy -- they must fetch it.

We will all have to deploy a great deal of patience in the upcoming months. With more than 2 million people on unemployment, it would be a fool's dream to think that electing a new administration would cancel out all of the "caca" that we are in. It's a good thing that the toilet paper shortage is behind us because the work that our behinds will produce tomorrow will include a whole lot of wiping.

I wonder if this administration will be wiping any debts clean? In 2008 when Barak Obama won the President-Elect he faced an uphill battle with Congress in fashioning debt relief for corporations, banks, and the auto industry that helped them to stay out of bankruptcy and able to continue to do business. What will a Biden Harris administration compose to help our economic situation? Is there anything that can be done in their first 100-days?

It would be a lie for me to pen that I feel energized-up and ready to go, especially after putting in relentless hours of campaign work for the incoming administration. I'm still a tad short of breath though please believe that I am looking for my second wind any minute now. The excitement of our future is bright. Pacing ourselves will be important. Supporting each other will be therapeutic. Personal and professional networking connections needs a second look-at, as well.

This is not the time to give up. Cacth a second wind for the win that you deserve. The universe is able to deliver -- if you have the nerve. I'm down to run alongside you for a better tomorrow. Don't forget to breathe.