Oshea Jackson ACTION

Closed mouths don't get fed & Ice Cube's Contract with Black America [CWBA] is well-read.

Word on the wire is more literal fire regarding the dude with the cold name; his naturally arched brows demand "respect reign." A couple of weeks back, Ice Cube made news when he drafted a contract and presented it to the leaders of both parties in reference to the worth of 'the Black vote. Joe Biden is benefiting tremendously from the majority of the Black vote, and the president is enjoying a small percentage of the same. It's worth remarking that while the president has a smaller number of community votes, he is actively pulling more Black votes than he did in 2016.

The Black Community is not a monolith, and that's okay. Oshea Jackson does not speak for all Black people, but because he is Black and he chose to inquire about the worth of the Black Vote and drafted a contract regarding such, both Joe Biden and the president heard about it and called up the lyricist.

According to The Source.com, Ice cube conveyed this to both candidates: Making sure that a fair amount of government contracts go to Black businesses, and I say Black specifically because the word ‘minority’ has hurt us because every minority usually gets something but us. I want to focus on economics. I think economics could fix a lot of these other social problems. They’re moving full-speed on dealing with social issues. The same amount of energy needs to go into getting us out of this economic hole that Black people have found themselves in generation after generation. We have to close this wealth gap.

What do you mean, and what do you want? Jot it down and include your call to action; draft it contractually. There is an old saying, "the devil is in the details;" Oshea wants to read about the Black community in the details and embrace the good that it will entail. He is not alone.

Progress requires action. Which party will value the CWBA? The Black community will be a weighty voting verb on November 3rd.