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Season 13 of Real Housewives of Atlanta focuses on Kandi's older daughter, Riley is going off to college in the great state of New York and no one is anxious to miss her more than Ace. Kandi and Todd's son Ace is a twin to both of his parents; I even see Moma Joyce in his face. Ace is the cutest reality star that I have seen in a long time besides his sister Blaze, Porsha's P, and Kenya's Pilar, of course.

The moms that compose this classy clique are noteworthy in any community tho I'm thrilled that they reside in my own. The Black Community is a peculiar one. We are not a monolith on any subject or in any category, and still, we have strong life parallels that are consistent with our life history. I feel akin to Kenya in her work ethic and go-getter attitude. I also understand the pains of wanting more love from your family, though Kenya's situation is particularly unfortunate as she has been estranged from her mother for quite some time. In the earlier seasons of the series, Kenya shared with us that she was raised by her father's mother because her mother was going to give her up for adoption. Kenya's grandmother is noteworthy, she raised Ms. USA in 1993. Metaphorically it looks like Kenya is driving a motorcycle with a sidecar and LaToya Ali is riding shotgun, wearing a backpack filled with fireworks. I say that because LaToya's role is still developing on the RHOA. While LaToya's television personality debut is new to me it's not too new to YouTube or Google. She's fun to watch and she's firey. I wonder if Kenya is really ready to share Moore of her spotlight? It's clear that LaToya's personality is very similar to Kenya's.

50CYNT wears the best earrings. Give it up for Cynthia Bailey in #CHILL mood. I do love those Pisces women. They are big-hearted and well-intentioned. Noelle is the daughter of Cynthia and Leon and she is all grown up and living on her own. She is a branding producer and I like her style. #Classy. She speaks frank wisdom to her mother whenever it is called for. Noelle is compassionate with her honesty when she weighs in on Cynthia discussing the idea of mailing a wedding invite to her father. It's a long story that has to do with the divorce of Cynthia's parents and her mom raising them as a single parent. Also, last season or so, Cynthia produced a Domestic Violence Campaign that featured the testimony of past violence at the hands of Cynthia's father. It was healing to the viewing public but created a riff in Cynthia's domestic composition with her father. After hearing Noel say "by inviting him [Cynthia's father] you are putting her [Grandma] in a very difficult position," Dad may have to miss this event. He cannot bring upset-energy as a +1 to Cynthia's wedding. When Cynthia married Peter, her father and her brother walked her down the aisle. Her mother was in attendance and had to 'suck-up the view' of watching her ex-husband who had once put hands on her and abandoned their family to walk their well-raised daughter down the aisle.

However, her soon-to-be husband is interested in the happiness of Cynthia's heart and advises her to do what's best for her emotional happiness, because it's a memory that she is making in her life; this memory is hers and that she should not let anyone deter her from her heart's desires. Hmph. Mike is right and Cynthia is in a pickle.

Porsha Luther King should have stormed the Capitol if she wanted to protest without arrest. We know that now, but for the multiple peaceful protests that she and many others participated in regarding the unlawful death of BREONNA TAYLOR in KY, she was arrested multiple times and we love her for it. Unity in every community is crucial. Support is always needed. Everyone isn't an activist but Porsha and her grandfather, Hosea Williams heeds the call. Porsha is living in her purpose. She is an awesome role model for her daughter and countless other women, (some are even older than herself) that set their dials to DISH NATION just to hear what the progressive Cancer has to say on all things compassionate and uniting. Porsha is also in the throes of writing a book, I'm sure I'll be buying it because she has got to be one of my most endearing personalities of all reality-show times. Her heart is bigger than the state of Atlanta population and she wears it well. Her coke-bottle figure, fashion choices, make-up, and hair-alone could hold an audience captive before she utters a word on DISH NATION or RHOA, and that's saying a lot because both of those franchises pour freshly brewed tea. Porsha has a purpose and I love the mindful way that she leverages her power. Baby P is in good hands. Dennis and Porsha may be residing in the same home at the moment, but make no mistake about it, they "are a family," -- those are Porsha's words in season 13, not mine, though I support those words wholeheartedly.

Drew is the latest peach to receive a peach on the RHOA franchise and while her storyline is slow-coming, I think it is the most important one. Drew's d composition includes her husband Ralph, her mother, and their 3 children, (including her son from a previous relationship). Drew is rarely with the other women because she is about "that home life."

Bravo published her Bio as:

Her mother is an ordained minister and this season we dropped in on them rehearsing for church service to be debuted on Zoom (or equivalent). With technology in place, the glitch was in the family dynamic. Ralph feels emasculated... or so he remarked as much. Ralph is new to RHOA and I don't know him at all, but my interest in Drew makes his emotional presence palpable. Ralph seems highly insecure, but I don't know why. He has a great family situation and prosperity is on his side. So what's the problem? I don't know, but I'm happy that RHOA decided to explore the journey of family variations a little more. Life isn't a selfish journey at all, we are who we are because of those around us who have poured in to shape us and support us.

That's exactly what Andy Cohen's franchise does for those who watch it; the RHO franchise is about familial insight and broadcasts the highs & lows of life. It's a delicate ratio balance of entertainment and reality. It's not an easy dish to prepare, but it's sufficient, efficient, and even deficient at times, but it's us.

This is Black America and when you mix it up and pour it on top of a United crust, from a geographical view Atlanta looks, Peachy Keen.