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Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 each draw their own line and I get more and more nervous as each contender broaches a breach.

Are you watching the series that is art imitating the streets? I certainly am and Tariq is only one of the logistic heads in traffic over distribution racket. Every since its mid-season return Power Book II: Ghost has been conducting quite a bit of story building.

I have yet to be bored with the main story, or the many mini and substories, as well as the versatile roster of main characters, day, and extras. The production must be huge, but then again so are the stakes in the story.

Since the return of mid-season, we started with episode 6: GOOD vs. EVIL:

With Tariq's back against the wall, he had no choice but to clue Brayden in regarding his Tajeda joist.

The script went as smooth as it could until it changed and that's when both Weston brothers took a quick ride with Cane; a block-thang. Each brother was dropped off in the hood to 'slang, Brayden did well, but his brother witnessed physical hell. But for a short spell. Cane is doing his own "unauthorized 'thang.' I think his mother detest the part of herself that lives front-and-center in her son. Cane has Monet's evil streak and it's not looking good.

Moving on to episode 7: SEX WEEK: Who doesn't like sex week? Professor Carrie Milgram does indeed. She took advantage of the week of student safe sex, to hook up with Zeke and bed-romp connect. Zeke is a basketball scholarship kid, whose GPA used to depend on Tariq's wig. All the same, Tariq's sex game is starting to look triply-good; he's the spoke connecting Lauren, Diana, and Effie. What is power if doesn't render you several competent boo's? The episode also took-us-to-church where we saw the GTG brothers being led by Cane as they robbed a local church for its collection plate sums. Later on, he promised Diana he'd make a connection for Monet, but was arrested and taken to jail before the meet time. Regardless of the reasons why Rico got fucked on the drop/connect and Monet is fucked in the game. Fucked is basically another word for SEX and yielded episode 7 some pretty awesome copulation power.

Episode 8: FAMILY FIRST: A few episodes back, Cane while in an altercation with his sibling accidentally hit Monet when she tried to break it up. At the close of the episode that aired the fight, Cane went to see his father Lorenzo Tajeda in prison to pow-wow over Monet, messing up and to lay his mistake physical contact with his mother. Lorenzo embraced Cane for coming to man-up in person. As Cane exited the jail, Lorenzo nodded to the guards who then commenced to beat Cane something-awful. Well, episode 8 kept the family storyline front and center. Davis has a wife but is sleeping with his paralegal; common power. Effie and 2-Bit show up on the Stansfield Campus for illicit and necessary reasons. Tariq taps Effie and then stiffs her. She asks Brayden to relay, "Suck my dick," to Tariq as she exited the campus. 2-Bit finds Tariq in a pinch with a GTG goon chasing him. The chase ends in the pool area. With his back against the wall again, Tariq found himself in a fight with a GTG and a knife until 2-Bit hit the offender in the back of the head by surprise and killed him. Tariq owes 2-Bit for an unpaid bill left by his father, but on the real, 2-Bit kills like family, so... I'll need more clarity on his future role in Tariq's life again?

Episode 9 is appropriately titled: MONSTER. So much mayhem breathes in this episode. Dru is shot as is any chance that Monet has any positive position of motherly love for Cane. F.Y.I. Cane did not shoot Dru, but he showed up just minutes after RICO sent a 2-vehicle caravan to go and shoot up the bar while Monet, Diana, Dru, and Tariq were in it. Where was Cane? He was out doing his own 'thang. Atty Davis Maclean does it for the money, and thinks that bluffing with Tariq is funny; when Tariq mentioned cash shortage issues, Davis responded 'it's okay to miss a payment, I'll just cancel your mother's expert witness.' Monster-lies are ugly, but his legal assistant Paula bears true face to Tasha and exposes the expert witness to be "Dr. Epiphhany." If you've never heard of Dr. Epiphany on this series, that cool, because she's not a medical doctor, she's a lap-dance attendant; a profession that is more commonly known as 'stripping."

Tasha tells Tariq to handle Epiphany like "they did Slim." So when Tariq went to see Epiphany in hopes to get her position on working with Davis, she clues him into D.A. Saxe working with Davis. Unbeknownst to Tariq, the two legal are working to "bring him down." The monstrosity-of-moves that are lain to gain power are enough to turn a good life sour. Cane's arrest was uncuffed after he called upon favor from Ramirez, but when Ramirez commented that 'he (Cane) was fucking up and going rogue,' Cane put 2-3 slugs in him with his own police-issued piece. The spirit of the monster owns episode 9.

Cane, nor Monet, nor Dru escaped, however Tariq and the 'La Belle Three, made it to the end of the hour. Mayhem is thick, for absolute power.

Peep the Season Finale Episode 10: HEART OF DARKNESS Trailer:

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