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Safiya Sono, an activist, a leader, and mother of Queen was murdered. Her daughter seeks revenge. On the surface, if you are thinking that ‘this could very well be the story of Black Mamba’s daughter in KILL BILL – you wouldn’t be too far off, except Kill Bill was shot in the United States and this series is born out of the continent of Africa.

QUEEN SONO is a Netflix series that is closely akin to ABC’s former series ALIAS, starring Jennifer Garner. Queen is the daughter of a slain civil rights activist whose skill set looks a lot like Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson’s character) in TAKEN. Portrayed by 33-year-old actress Pearl Thusi of South Africa, Queen appears to have biological connections to Christi Love and Foxy Brown. But this series is not your parents' Blaxploitation show, this tastes more like SALT, as in, both the storylines and action scenes rock hard, like DeWayne Johnson. No doubt.

Queen Sono is serving-up entertainment and insight into another part of the world that we don’t get to see too often. Good television makes the world look small; South Africa looks like a place in Texas.

The series production is superb by any network standards:

[On a scale of 1 – 5, 1= insufficient and 5 = prime television standards]

  • Writing 5

  • Directing 5

  • Cinematography 5

  • Editing 5

  • Intro Title Work 5

  • Theme &Soundtracks 5

Queen Sono has all of the bones of a nice long life and season 1 has 6 hard-hitting episodes in it. Netflix awarded the production with “the green light to produce season two,” before it rescinded.

That sad news will have to take a back seat to this pressing series on Netflix until we have reached the last episode. At which time, I will start my search into the talent and crew to be sure to screen their future works. Queen Sono delivers story and story is what is missing in quite a few hit series’ catered to the same audience.

Kudos to the creator, Kagiso Lediga, and the many production crew members that pulled this series together, as well as the cast members. Queen Sono is ranked 7th on Netflix’s Most Watched Shows list, so you can imagine the disappointment of fans around the world when word hit the wire that the series would not return. The good news is, Queen Sono exists and is available on Netflix. Stay tuned for this talented crew to pop up again in reel fashion. We will be waiting…

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