We're a few days past Reunion Part III and I'm still thinking about "The Taurus, the Sagittarius, and the Aquarius." They are formally known as Kandi, NeNe, and Kenya. Need I say Moore?

The entire Season 12 of Real Housewives of Atlanta was just as captivating as seasons 1-11, including NeNe's high-neighing ways. NeNe is the Sagittarius in the headline ménage à trois mention, Kandi is the Taurus and Kenya Moore is the Aquarius. In the Reunion Part I broadcast Andy asked Kandi if she was this season's "Bone Collector?" - a title once held by Sherre Whitfield. Kandi's response was true, she declined the title and referred to her actions as being real and honest. I agree with her, it's totally untrue of a group of friends to be talking about another friend in their absence and that friend not hear the information from them; her friends.

Yovanna is that "young lady," who in the end was an "honest woman;" although she introduced herself on a previous season of RHOA as "Yovanna; that bitch." To put her her introduction into context, she was recalling "who she was in school" when she initially met Eva. The only problem with the throwback tale is that Eva could not confirm that they were "friends." It was then that Yovanna said, "Everyone knew Yovanna... Iwas that bitch!" - or something like that. Still no bells went off in Eva's head but I and millions of other viewers were profoundly informed and appreciated her honest recollection. In the end Yovanna exited the show of her own will because she started to look like a scandal called SNAKE GATE. RHOA is made up of a cast of ladies who do not like snakes. They cornered the snake and demanded it's fangs. That's when Yovanna limped off of the scene. Which I thought was odd, since snakes slide but Yovanna limped.

During the Part 3 of the RHOA Reunion broadcast - all of the ladies appeared in white and broadcasted from their homes during COVID19 - Yovanna popped up on the multi cam screen and spoke her truths. She painted herself with a limp that she suffered after the Sagittarius back-kicked her (or rather kicked her in the back) when the scheme (named SNAKE GATE) went bad. Yovanna was left high and dry - riding on a lie.

During season 12, NeNe implied to Kandi that she heard that Cynthia was talking --ish about her from a friend who "recorded it." Kandi confronted Cynthia with the contents of her and NeNe's conversation but Cynthia had no recollection of throwing any defaming shade on NeNe; even still, SNAKE GATE grew anyway. In the end Yovanna took the limp of shame off of the show after making a comment to Porsha about "her man." Porsha stood up and began to wave her arms and pointing her finger at Yovanna. Later on viewers saw Yovanna leaving the set.

It's important that you remember those key points because in Part 3 Reunion Yovanna makes an appearance and confesses that 'she never recorded anyone, but was asked to tape anyone and everyone when they are talking --ish about NeNe. Yovanna said she agreed to do it but never went through with it. The ladies at reunion did not appreciate that NeNe created SNAKE GATE nor for asking Yovanna to tape them. Furthermore, the ladies had an even bitter taste in their mouths concerning Yovanna's role in it; agreeing to "spy" on them, when each woman in the group only socialized with Yovanna for genuine connecting reasons. At the end of the day, it looks like she will be getting a peach of her own as TMZ has rumored that Yovanna will be a regular cast member on Season 13. I suppose Yovanna owes the Sagittarius a THANK YOU note. Without NeNe's help, that peach may not have ever manifested.

Moore over that, Kenya filed for divorce from Mark. Not even love the size of Brooklyn could keep them in their marriage or the same state, for that matter. I was rooting for Kenya and Mark. Brooklyn is very fortunate to have some appealing and bright parents. I pray that her loves heals them both and that they nourish Brooklyn into her maximum loving potential. Kenya is very calculating, conniving and even cunning -- but I still like her. I don't pity her. I genuinely like Kenya Moore. She comes off bitter and disrespectful, a lot. You can only portray your brand of "marinate." That means, if you're smothered in onions and gravy, that's what you will resonate; however, if you are smothered by others (intentionally or otherwise) in disrespect and bitterness, then you may project as much. Kenya projects as much. I hate that she has ever experienced disrespect and/or bitterness; it's apparent that it's at her foundational core. For Kenya, I yield mad compassion and send hopeful vibes to a more loving and deserving life.

Porsha Williams has my heart. I love those water signs and Cancer's are quite exceptional. Porsha is a Cancer. I have began recording DISH NATION because of Porsha. I have loved Ricky Smiley far longer than I have known Porsha, but not even Ricky persuaded me to tape DISH NATION; it is Porsha. There's that and I am in love with PJ. Why not? They are two peas in a pod. Actually, the pod is bigger than that, I also fancy Ms. Diane, Lauren and Lauren's daughter. The Willams' genetics code (inside and out) is beautiful. Dennis is a lucky guy. I really hope they can work it out; PJ is good reason to.

Eva and Mike's baby made his debut this season and he is richly handsome. I must admit that Eva is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen and especially when she is pregnant. My God! Her genetics are tops! I pray that Marley models her mother's genetic code. Bey and Porsha did; their mother's directly started their "genetic statement," and Bey and Porsha are passing those beautiful genes on.

Cynthia and Mike Hill have been on #Chill away from the Atlanta geographic due to quarantine, but are still in the center of the action. Cynthia joined the virtual RHOA reunion from California; she's riding out Covid19 with Mike and their fam. Cynthia experienced a lot of growth in the RHOA Season 12 and I think falling in love with Mike and Mike supporting her to be herself had a lot to do with it. For that I say, "way to go Mike!" Cynthia is worth it and your influence in her life looks healthy and nourishing from the viewers perspective. Thanks. Too bad you two won't be procreating. I think your co-genetic contribution would be amazing.

Marlo was on the show quite a bit this season, but her storyline was less than exciting. Which is exciting in itself, because Marlo has put all of her gold digging aside to be an active "Momty." She is raising her two nephews to help her sister out -- and she is doing a fantastically unselfish job at it. It's a good look for Ms. Hampton. Watching her growth this season has been heart warming and encouraging. Way to go Marlo.

Season 12 of RHOA was sweet, in fact, it was richly coated with Kandi. 'Turns out that Kandi was not the "bone collector" in the end, but a very true, real and honest friend with great shoe fashion. Duh! She's a Taurus. I love Kandi and I wish her and Sir Leo (aka Todd) the best in their relationship going further. Alas, a congratulations is in order to Todd & Kandi on the arrival of their new daughter. Way to go Kandi; for snagging a role on The CHI. I will be sure to DVR it and rally-on the series newest cast member. Your career moves ain't no bull, o' Taurus. In fact, your moves are highly respected. Perhaps this is why you are so 'embedded into NeNe's brain.' Ya' think?

Great season ladies. Very captivating and entertaining. Thank you. Season 13 can't come quick enough. #RHOA