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Sage That...

Anytime is a good time to clear the air or to 'go & get some fresh air to clear your mind and reboot, if need be. Sometimes a reboot a necessary. Not a "do over,' but a reboot. Why a reboot? Because tomorrow is coming.

The body and mind were previously cued to relax when we exited the office. Leaving the job would key up emotions towards the family mechanics that would play-out once you reached home.

That is not the case today.

Todays Mechanics:

Morning meetings are done in your dining room with the television on mute in the background, as you lead the ZOOM charge at the start of your corporate-productive day. After a series of meetings, you put your breakfast away and/or wash dishes, and then check your email.

Wired contents are 80% good, but 20% is pretty smelly and has subconsciously effected your mood. You smile and power through because that's what you do. The doorbell rings and it's your neighbor concerned with missing delivery packages and what not. You listen because you care.

Alas, those email responses did not write themselves. You don't miss a beat. Lunch is whatever you find around the house and dinner for the fam will be manifested...whether you prepare it or run and get it -- it will be on the table at the appropriate time. No stress.

You finish your corporate tasks via a nifty phone/laptop combo while wearing an apron and a tool belt. Let's not discuss the loads of laundry that you did while on hold and/or waiting for a document to print out. 'Felt natural.

But at the end of the day when the sun is down and the demands are at bay, please come back to the place and Press PLAY because at the end of day there's always time to Sage.


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