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Sun Sign & The Influential Moon


What is your sun sign and what-in-the-name of curiosity is your "moon?"

Depending on your birth date, you can determine your sun sign easily. For instance, if your birthday is between Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 your sun sign is LIBRA. Libra's make all of the balance in the world, so let's balance out the Moon of this zodiac.

Most of us understand our sun sign to be as describes it "the sun is your deepest self." Being familiar with your zodiac sign, would you agree? Equally important is your Moon Sign. I know that you've heard of the term before but today we will tackle 'how to determine your moon sign."

Harpers Bazaar describes the Moon Sign as, "your Moon sign is more hidden as it rules your emotions and your subconscious. Your Moon sign shows your needs in relationships and how you will get along living with someone else." I just recently learned the process, myself, so rather than confuse you I will share the Moon Sign Calculator that I utilized for the balance of this article. I computed October 8, 1955 as a birth date and used Dallas as the city born in, and learned that this particular Libra's moon is CANCER.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo, Matt Nelson, and David Clode on Unsplash

This comes in handy if you are dating a Libra. Knowing their sun sign is to only know a fraction of their dimensions. Information is best when consumed balanced. Therefore, you don't want to miss out on "scaled perfection" should a worthy Moon cross your path.

Your moon sign is just as responsible for influencing your character traits as is your sun. Use this calculator to realize your "rising sign." If nothing else, this 411 proves that nary one of us can truly claim to be one-dimensional.

Personally, my sun sign is LEO and my moon is GEMINI and the only thing that I am rising up to at this moment is locating my birth certificate because I'll need the exact time of my birth to chart my "rising sign." As a scriptwriter, I utilize astrology to keep character creation parallel to natural society and it works like a charm.

I can't ever get enough of your sun, your moon, and your rising for spending time with me today. Please feel free to journey your own astrological star power, utilizing the links above. I am eager to know more about your dimensions. To whom do I owe the dimensional love to, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, or a combo of a few?

Meow & A-deaux,

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