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Talking Highs & Lows with Aunti O

By now you have heard about Oprah Winfrey's interview with Prince Harry and Meghan and I've got to say that it is informative. Admittedly so, I am a part of the naive community that knows nothing about Royal life beyond what I have seen in movies, television, and periodicals, therefore, my heart sank for Meghan as she unpacked 'loving her inlaws and accepting that the feeling may not be mutual.'

Unreturned love and support? This is a true feeling for the bulk of Black people living around the world. They are in love with life "the experience," and are often met with no love or support from governing systems or society in return.

Meghan's highs included being the wife of Harry, mother to Arche, and their new foundation: Arche Well. Her lows included their exit from being senior members of the royal family and their duties. Harry added a great low to be when the institution removed his security, something that was previously his birthright in addition to sharing an uncomfortable topic of conversation regarding his (then child in utero) Archie's skin tone.

Cringeworthy questions and answers had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I even shouted out to the television a few times, "Don't answer that." And to my surprise, most of the time the Royal Progeny answered the toughest inquires addressed to him.

Naivete allowed me to believe that race played no part in their decision to exit the palace residency and royal duties. I miss naive but honesty is best, however brutal it may be.

Reality is always appreciated and most sobering. My heart went out to the majestic & imperial duex. Especially because Harry and Meghan love their Royal family - it was evident on their faces and in the totality of tone in their responses.

They are expecting their second child, and Meghan looked blushingly beautiful in the interview. The two of them represented a wall of strength. The two of them represent the future and their family branch will be the most diverse in the Royal family at current. The interview revealed that their love is not the first "mixed-race love" that the Monarch has faced, but it is their issue today and high racial tensions around the world have not helped the institution to feel warm & fuzzy about eloquently integrating bloodlines.

Their current bundle of joy in utero is a girl, and like her brother Arche, there will be no title or security protection for her birthright.

Numerous news outlets covered the interview and concluded that 'Americans inherited their racial views and feelings from the elder country that they retreated from; the UK.

America is gripped with racism and in the face of such-- love still abides. The majority of Brown people in America love America and have an unspoken fondness for the Royals in the UK. We were raised on royal fairytales and marinated in naivete. Waking up to Oprah Winfrey's interview wasn't crippling to the spirit, but reminded me that HUMANITY has a lot of work to put in if we are to ever realize united love and world peace. I mean, first, we have to find love and peace in our own families. Right?

The interview ended on a wishful note that Harry and Meghan are in love with each other, their budding family, and their new (as well as old) friends who have surrounded them in their new domestic environment.

America is no monarch, but Harry and Meghan will always be referred to as Royalty in most of our courts. After all, we were raised to feel fond about such unions, and the reality of interracial love does not mute that. When at first I heard about the young Royal couple, I thought the UK was going to take the lead in "racial evolution."

Well, it's not the first time that I didn't make bullseye on a thought, but this story is not ended yet. There is still time for evolution to rise-up and take its rightful place. Until then, welcome Harry and Meghan. It's good to have you two grace this side of the pond.

Tyler Perry is the man and I remain a fan. Tyler isn't royalty, but his heart is grand. He invited the couple to occupy his home and utilize his security team until they secured a home and security team of their own. To him, I court curtsy.

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